Date night:Waroeng Iga

Since the boyfriend and I tend to go out for dinner a few times in a month,I thought I'll do this particular series about the places that we had our dinner at during date night :)

I've heard about Waroeng Iga before and they've great reviews from previous patrons.So one day,I asked the boyfriend if we could have dinner there and of we went.
Pretty decor

We went to their Encorp Strand outlet and from the outside it was pretty deserted.But then again we arrived there around..7pm?This was before Ramadhan..early June I think and I wanted to break my fast there(ganti puasa!).The decor there was very unique and had a Javanese feel to it.The tables had a distressed look which was cool!Though our table was a bit wobbly.
I love those boxed lanterns
I ordered the bebek penyet(crispy duck),the boyfriend ordered the iga penyet(ribs) and I also ordered the iga cabe ijo for us to share with.We had the happy soda for drinks and also the grilled banana with cheese,choc sauce&condensed milk.
Bebek(duck) and behind: Iga Cabe Ijo

The duck was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.The iga cabe ijo was spicy,sweet and super yummy.The beef was so tender.The boyfriend enjoyed his meal as well.I love the sambal though it wasn't as spicy as the one from Ayam Penyet Ria but it was really good.
As usual,I have to eat my meal with lots of vegetables.I asked them for extra vegetables and they gave me this huge plate and it was only..rm3!This is amazing to me because usually eateries in Malaysia are somehow stingy with vegetables.The plate of vegetables that they gave me could have easily fed 4 people.

This is soooo good!

We ended our meal with the dessert which was reallyyyyy good!It was actually just one banana which was split in half,grilled and then served hot with grated cheddar cheese,choc syrup & condensed milk.Super yummm!

I would definitely go back to Waroeng Iga..I love the food and the ambience.



Melkandshegetz awesome stuffs!

Yup, August is filled with a lot of beauty centric blog entries.Next up is the haul that was given to me from Melkandshegetz!I personally know the girl behind the awesome instagram shop and she's legit!Her knowledge of beauty products astounds me and I've learned a lot about new beauty products out there from her.She definitely knows her stuffs!I've met her and it was great talking to someone who's so knowledgeable about cosmetics.

She was kind enough to give me all of the items below for me to review and let me tell you..they're AWESOME!

The items I got(from left):

My reviews on the product in no particular order.:)

The MAC lipsticks
L-R:Kelly Yum-Yum,Embrace Me and Show Orchid

At a glance,all of the lipsticks look similar to one another.But when you wear it..it's really not.I love the packaging of Kelly Yum-Yum as I love the colour lilac.Also it's a limited edition.The Embrace Me lipstick has a matte finish that when I wear it..I feel a little bit sophisticated.Not sure if that made sense to you guys.hahaha

The Show Orchid to me is a lipstick for a special occasion and should be worn at night because it's bright.The colour is soooo pretty.It does remind you of the petals on an orchid.I used Razin's sister Qeema's lips to model the lipsticks as she has wayyy bigger lips than mine.haha
Kelly Yum-Yum
Kelly Yum-Yum is my favorite to wear for day as it's creamy and so easy to wear.It does leave a pink stain though(which was easily removed by Bioderma!).It's satin bright pink but I usually wear a tiny bit and smudge it for a less bright effect.The Kelly and Sharon Osbourne MAC collection is currently available at MAC stores here.I saw them at the KLCC outlet.
Embrace me
You can see how beautiful Embrace Me looks on.It's matte but has a slight shimmer to it.It's a bright fuchsia with blue undertones.You can see a picture of Razin's sister wearing it in daylight.

Show Orchid
But I think due to lighting,you couldn't see the colour of Show Orchid..so I took another picture of myself below wearing for a night out.According to Temptalia,Show Orchid is a vibrant fuchsia-pink with fuchsia-purple iridescence. It has mostly opaque colour coverage and an amplified finish." I find the colour so pretty because it has a purple tone to it.
Wearing Show Orchid

In Zoella's video..she said that Show Orchid was one of her favourite lipstick.

Collection No Clumps mascara

The Collection line is available here in Malaysia via Watsons.But not all Watsons carry them.So for those of you who wants to buy Collection stuffs but don't have them near your area,you can order them from Melkandshegetz.I've personally bought a few from Collections stuffs from Watsons but haven't tried any of their mascaras and I'm glad I was given this as it's really good!
Without mascara
The mascara seriously doesn't clump at all!And it's reallyyyyy black.I know this because when I remove it using my Bioderma,it was inky black.It's not waterproof so it's easy to remove especially before prayer.It lengthen my lashes and made them look thicker.I love using it for everyday.

With mascara
The residue of the mascara
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I actually have this concealer in Warm Medium shade.But then again,having two different shades is better because you can combined them and customize according your face.I use this concealer to minimize my eye bags,the redness around my face and also as a highlighter.
Top:Cool Medium Bottom:Warm Medium
As you can see,the cool medium concealer given by Melkandshegetz to me has a more pinkish tone compared to warm medium which had a beige tone to it.The concealer is a fave of Zoella and many other beauty youtubers.

Bioderma Sensibio

This makeup remover is AMAZING!I'm not kidding you..as I've tried sooo many different ones.I've always seen them being raved about by beauty gurus on youtube and I'm glad now I have the chance to have one.It's really amazing that a bottle of water can remove your makeup so smoothly.I only need 2-3 drops of Bioderma to remove my eye makeup.I use a cotton pad of course.

Wait for a few secs
You put the cotton pad over your eyes,let it stay there for a few seconds..and then swipe it away.You can see everything is gone!Your liquid eyeliner,waterproof mascara..it was amazing!
I have had some liquid eyeliners which were so hard to remove(it was one of Collection's one,in purple) but Bioderma managed to removed it with a few swipes.Even Qeema was surprised when it manages to remove the MAC lipsticks that she had to wore for this blogpost so smoothly from her lips..leaving no trace of it on her lips at all.

Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber

This body spray smells good!But I think it's more suitable for night time as it's a heavier scent.I'm not great in describing fragrances that much other than..this smells goodddd!haha But according to Bath and Body Works website...

"The allure of bare skin warmed by the glow of sunset with a seductive blend of lotus petals & golden amber

Top Notes: Bergamot, Wild Berries, Succulent Plum
Mid Notes: White Rose, Orange Flower, Lotus Petals, Iris
Dry Notes: Amber, Creamy Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Praline, Musk"

I want to thank Natasha of Melkandshegetz for being so kind to me and giving me all these amazing stuffs.You guys should visit her instagram account as she has amazing beauty products up for sale right now :)
Melkandshegetz instagram


My massive Etude haul!

So Etude had a massive Raya sale..with a lot of the items was buy one free one and some were selling for such low prices.I went to three different Etude outlets within one week during the fasting month(yup..I've a problem!) and here's my haul!I'm trying to take better pictures here on my blog(shouldn't have used my floral bedsheet as a background for some of the products..oh well..:P ).So be patient with me as I try to maneuver using a DSLR(my first ever proper camera!).

In total I spend about RM200 for everything but it's not all for me!I'm in the midst of doing a beauty exchange thing with a fellow Malaysian living in Canada via this Facebook group that I joined.So I'm buying some stuffs that she would like because she mentioned she loves Etude.:)

1.Setia City Mall outlet(kiosk)
I first saw about the sale from the Setia City Mall outlet.I bought nail buffers,collagen eye gel patch,open your eyes mask sheets and some blending sleeping cream.I loveeeee the collagen eye gel.It definitely refreshes your eyes and makes your eyebags less visible.I haven't tried the Open Your Eyes mask sheet yet though because it requires both of your eyes being closed and the only time I do so is when I sleep.haha.

The blending sleeping cream intrigued me because it was shaped like a spoon.Sleeping cream/sleeping mask is all the range now and they're everywhere.So I thought why not buy this as it's not such a huge commitment as they're one application each.
The way to use the product is that you have to detach the top part of the spoon as it acts as a stirrer for your mask.Inside of your spoon,there's a mixture of cream + gel like thing which looked like a jelly.You mix both of them together and apply it to your face.
The inside..unique blend of gel + cream
You can sleep on it because it's called a sleeping cream.haha.When you wake up in the morning,just wash your face as usual.Super easy!They've a lot of different kinds of sleeping blending cream at Etude and the price was very reasonable.I misplace my receipt but I think this cream was less than rm20 each.
Mix it!

2.Alamanda Putrajaya outlet(kiosk)
At this kiosk,they had more varieties of the blending sleeping cream.Also they had this scrub massage in packets which intrigues me.I also bought two pretty nail polish!
Such pretty colours!
I bought a slightly sparkly nude colour nail polish(perfect to wear for work!) and the other one was a pale mint green which was sooo beautiful!I only wear nail polish during the "time of the month" because that's the only time that I can't pray.Plus I'm really really bad at painting my own nails(seriously,I usually ask the boyfriend or his sister to do it for me hahaha) so I don't buy nail polish that much..hence why when the nail polish above was only rm10 each..I grabbed them!
More face stuffs
The kiosk gave a lot of free samples compared to the Setia City Mall one who only gave me a Wonder Pore sample.
3.Sunway Pyramid(store)

I love this outlet the most because it wasn't a kiosk..it was a store and it had a lot of stuffs!I bought the silk scarf (hair mask that comes with a moisture infused shower cap),four Dear Darling Tint and one tiny pop something lip stain(I didn't remember the name)...two others aren't in the pic because I gave them to Razin's sister..I also bought a great smelling hand cream.
Great stuffs!
The Dear Darling Tint(s) above are actually three different colours though they look quite similar from the outside.They smell good too!My favourite was 03 because when you put it on,it looks like you just had an orange popsicle!The no 01 is pretty too..because it has a berry stain.

Top:03, Bottom:01
As usual there were samples and they gave quite a few as well!Some cc cream and their raspberry&cranberry lotion and bodywash.
Honestly,I've never set foot in Etude before this mega sale as I didn't know if their products were good or not.I'm glad I did because they have an amazing range of products and I love their cute packaging.Perhaps in months to come I'll purchase some other things from them :)

Etude's website:
Etude's fb page:


Skincare product review:Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free skincare range

Hey guys!It's already August!!This is a delayed post because I've been busy preparing raya cookies/cakes orders in previous weeks + my own full-time job+raya +family holiday!

If you remembered,a few weeks back I went to a Kiehl's event (thanks to Kiehl's and The Butterfly Project) and received their Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser range.I'm going to tell you my experience in using the products.
The products!
1)The Cleanser (150ml for RM85)
Tiny speck
I love how you only need a teenie tiny bit of the cleanser to wash your entire face.In the picture above is the amount that I squeeze on my palm everytime I have to wash my face.That tiny dot is enough for your whole face because once you lather it up with water,it foams up really well.

Muh face :P
The entire tube will last me up to probably three months?After you wash your face,it will feel a bit tight..which I didn't really like actually.But so far I haven't experience any breakout on my face.:)

2)The Toner(250ml for RM85)

After you wash your face,you have to use the toner.I only pour like..2-3 drops on my cotton pad and gently pat it all over my face,avoiding the eye area.The toner is good..it didn't strip moisture off my skin.It doesn't sting my skin as well..which I've experienced with some toners.

I love how it removed traces of dirt/makeup and oils on my skin.Plus the bottle is hugeeee!It'll last me a few months.

3)The Gel Cream(RM100)
This is my favourite product from the entire line!I've talked about them in my previous post.Now you can see the inside of the container.
The gel texture is perfect for people with oily complexion like me.It feels so good on your skin.Very refreshing,cooling and it absorbs fast into your skin.It's quite gloopy so you only need probably a 50 cent size worth for your entire face.
The gel texture


The skincare line managed to keep my skin moisturised and oil-free almost the whole day.I still experience some mid-afternoon shine.But that's probably due to the recent fasting month as well as I only got to hydrate myself after breaking my fast.

I've to admit that the best thing from the entire line is the gel cream.I'll definitely repurchase it in the future!

For more info,click on the links below:
Kiehl's website
Kiehl's FB page
The Butterfly Project's FB page