Cameron Highland and Ipoh weekend trip.

We looked so tiny!
Natalie and I have talked about going to Cameron before both of us got married with our husbands.My husband have known Natalie's husband since they were in diapers(there's a story that their maids would carry them and then talked to each other) and have been best friend for years.Our wedding was only two days apart from them.Ours was on 1st of January 2015 and theirs was on 3rd of January 2015.

So we finally managed to make plans to go to Cameron.We decided that it would be on 13th June because Natalie was busy with her assignments and we also wanted to go before puasa started.

So pretty!Captured this using my iphone 6 :)
We stayed at this 3 bedroom apartment which belonged to my mum's friend and my mum actually paid for it without me even asking for it.So nice of her!We went there on Saturday morning and came back on Sunday evening.

It was a great short weekend trip but we definitely have to go there again for 3 days 2 nights because Aie wasn't able to go for jungle trekking.hehe.After the trip Aie was like..how lah your dad managed to drive to Cameron so many times every year?Because the road is pretty challenging.My parents go to Cameron atleast twice every year.
Huge avocado!
I haven't been to Cameron since over a year ago.My family visited Cameron so frequently..that I know all of the places very well.It was great to see what new produce they've planted recently.I was surprised to see that they're selling avocado!!Yeayyy cheap but hugeee avocado.

They were huge and was far cheaper than the imported ones.But I think it'll be monthssss before they'll be available at our supermarket because that happened with habaneros.I made guacamole using the avocados and they were creamy&delicious!

You can read my blog entry in 2013 about the habaneros that I bought--HERE.So I bought them in 2013 and I think it was only late last year that I saw them being sold at Jaya Grocer.They aren't available at Tesco or Giant.So..yeah.haha.We should support our local farmers!

We didn't go to that many places because it was a short trip.But Natalie wanted strawberries so we went to Cactus Valley(a spot that I've been to many many times) because there's Big Red Strawberry Farm there.
The numbered menu!



I loveee the strawberry sundae..it is filled with fresh strawberries.Razin and I shared the sundae together(we had banana leaf rice for lunch so was still a bit full).Natalie and Aie also had strawberries with whipped cream and strawberry waffles to share.

There's a funny story that happened at Cactus Valley.So Natalie wanted to buy a cactus.She walked around on her own while my husband was with me.Suddenly she shouted at me to come to her..I was like..what's going on?Turns out the cactus that she bought,the needles on it transferred to her fingers!The needles were sooo tiny and fine but was very prickly and painful.Suffice to say that it even transferred on my fingers during the stay..we named her "Cactus Girl" during the entire trip.haha.
Delicious scone

We went to Lord's Cafe for the best scones!Honestly they're just the best..next to my homemade ones of course.hahahaha.Natalie said they were very good as well.We also went to Brinchang's Night Market which Natalie loveee because of the fresh produce.I found a new produce here as well..a white sweet corn.They call it milk corn because it tasted like milk!All of the kernels was white.I bought some and it was sooo good.Pity it's not sold in Klang Valley yet.
Honeycomb being cut.

We also bought honeycomb,Tualang honey(wild honey from the jungle),more sweet corn,lots of strawberries as well.We even bought some snacks like roasted chestnuts,deep friend prawns and boiled sweet corn.
Pasar malam haul.
So much fresh vegetables!
Charcoal steamboat
For dinner we went to this Organic Steamboat place.It was very comforting sipping the hot soup since the night was very cold.
Array of  Nyonya kuih
The kuih tatal is so yummy

The next morning we went to breakfast at Uncle Chow!We've been here before and the uncle is always so friendly.I had the curry laksa and also tasted kuih tatal for the first time.The kuih is basically a glutinous rice based dessert served with homemade kaya(which was sooo yummy).It's a nyonya dessert.

We went to Kea Farms before going home and I bought a lot of stuffs for my loved ones and some things that my colleagues asked me to buy.
Nasi ganja!

After Cameron,we went to Ipoh for lunch and I tasted the famous nasi ganja.We went to the original one at Yong Suan..it is halal.Don't worry!The term nasi ganja is because people said that the dish is very addictive.When we went there the queue was long (it was about 3 pm) but because a lot of people was queuing up to takeaway their meal,we got a seat pretty quick as the guy there asked everybody queuing up whether they are there to eat or just takeaway.

I'm not even a person who likes to eat curry but I enjoyed my plate of rice!It was good.But after reading Bangsar Babe's blogpost about it..I would definitely want to come again and order the ayam merah version hehe.
My handsome husband
Natalie wasn't in the mood for the nasi ganja so we walked over to Chokodok Raggae House Cafe and Backpackers for her to have a sandwich.She actually know the owner of the cafe cos she has stayed in Ipoh before.The place is pretty cool!I had their milo "aiskrim malaysia".
Weirdos behind me haha
By the time we went back,I was soooo tired and I also got the flu when we were in Cameron which lasted up to a week!BTW,I hateee how my eyebrow looks here because I went for threading at this place in shah alam and the lady did it badly..never again!


Covergirl mascaras review:Lashblast,Full Lash Bloom and Queen Lash Fanatic.

I love mascaras!Even when I don't have time to wear any makeup or I don't want to put on any makeup..i'll atleast curl my lashes and put on a few coats of mascara.It just opens up your face.I'm always on the lookout for a great mascara without breaking the bank.I used to purchase Diorshow but right now,after being married and all,I can't justify purchasing a rm120 mascara.It's just excessive!So I'm all about finding a cheaper alternative.

That's why I love Covergirl mascaras.They're inexpensive and works wonders.Granted they're not available here..so I purchased them via drugstore.com and sent it to my friend's house in the States.But you can always purchase them via ebay though it'll be slightly more expensive.

I have three Covergirl mascaras in my collection and I truly love them all.Each gives a different effect on my lashes.I bought two of them back in November and the latest one was a recent purchase.All of the mascaras aren't waterproof because it's easier to remove for everyday wear(so that I can perform ablution before prayer) and all of the shade is in Very Black.

Without further ado,here are my reviews on them.


All aren't waterproof & are in the shade of Very Black.

1.CoverGirl Queen Lash Fanatic in Very Black(limited edition)

This is a favourite of mine because it separates my lashes,lengthens it and also gives it tons of volume.It's from their limited edition Queen collection.You can see from the picture below that the bristles are very fine and the size of the brush is also thin..it makes it easier for you to reach all of your lashes.

I bought this back in November and I use it sparingly as I have a lot of other mascaras..I like to alternate them.There's still a lot in the tube.I will definitely want to repurchase this mascara.

Full fat lashes.
2.CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom by Lashblast

This was my recent purchase and it came out recently this year from CoverGirl.It definitely packs a punch.It gives your lashes a spidery look but without the clumps.That's one the great thing about CoverGirl mascaras..you can layer them on and it won't clump at all.This mascara is an improvement from the Lashblast mascara(reviewed below),hence why the shape is similar.

The only downside of this mascara is that the bristles are spiky.So it can hurt your eyelid if it touches it..which had happened to me a few times.haha.The brush is thin as well so it's easier to reach all of your lashes just like the lash fanatic mascara.You can see the effect below.I love it!

It looked like I was wearing falsies haha.
3.Lashblast Volume mascara

This mascara gives great volume that looks natural.It's great for everyday.The brush is big and that can make it hard for you to reach all of your lashes.I love it but not as much as the other two mascaras.It has fine bristles though,hence why it managed to separate and lengthen your lashes while giving it volume.

Subtle volume

Difference between the two brushes
That's my review on them.They're all really great mascaras and are very inexpensive.I would suggest you girls to go to drugstore.com and purchase them if you can.I remembered getting a promotional offer on one of the mascara and it was only USD 0.25(the Lashblast volume).That website have amazing deals..wish they'd ship to Malaysia!

P/S:Photos from all of my recent May/June blogposts were taken using my iPhone 6.I've been using it for a few months now and I absolutely love it. :) I don't wear colored contacts..ever.My eyes are dark brown but you'll only notice it upclose.My cousins eyes are light brown..it's cos of the Arab side of our family :P