Movie review:Horns

This movie is a bit weird to say the least but I liked it.The movie is based on the book written by Stephen King's son,Joe Hill.I haven't read the book but I doubt that the movie stayed 100% to the original story.Oh,Joe Hill didn't use his father's surname because he wanted to succeed on his own.

First noticeable thing about the movie is that...Daniel Radcliffe has a really good American accent.hahaha.He makes us believe that he's not British.But not just that,almost all of the other prominent characters in the movie played by Juno Temple, Max Minghella and Joe Anderson are all BRITISH!All of them were awesome in this movie.British actors in an American-Canadian movie.

Oh,there's a lot of controversial scenes in this movie that if it somehow manage to be shown in the cinema,surely there'll be a lot of scenes that will get the axe.

The movie makes me sad for Daniel's character,named Ig(Ignatius) Perrish because everybody..including his parents believed that he killed his longtime girlfriend,Merrin.We of course weren't told at the start of the movie how Merrin was killed and why people seemed to think that Ig killed her.

All that was shown was that Ig and Merrin was so in love and Merrin one night end up dead in the woods.

One night when the people in the town went to the place that Merrin was killed in order to cherished her memories,Ig was hiding inside the tree house and he heard what they were saying about him.After they left he got so angry that he started to pee on the stuffs that they gave Merrin and said something along the lines about God or something(sorry I can't remember as I watched this movie a few weeks back).

The next day when he woke up,he has horns growing from his forehead.Actual horns.Then he also found out that by having the horns,he can make people confess their deepest darkest secrets and desires.So Ig uses this power to find out who was the person who killed Merrin.

The only person that he met who wasn't affected by the power of his horns was his bestfriend Lee.It made us as the viewer thought..oh,Lee believed that his friend is innocent and he must be such a great guy because he didn't have any bad thing to confess.His brother Terry was another person who believe he was innocent at the start as well..but he has a secret too!

I love the plot twist in this movie and it's a really big one!That's when things become a little bit effed up.You won't believe what it was and I won't spoil it for you.All I have to say is that Daniel Radcliffe,Juno Temple,Max Minghella and Joe Anderson were really great in this movie.

A really great cast with a crazy story set in a beautiful setting.It was an enjoyable watch that made you feel uncomfortable during some parts.Some scenes made me go...wtffffff.The movie really took me by surprise!It also proves that Daniel Radcliffe is wayyyyy past his Harry Potter days..I mean,he did act naked in a play and he was semi-naked in one scene in this movie.This movie has mystery,gore,sex(of course!),nudity(unexpectedly gross one involving an old man!) and..love!

Watch it for yourself and do leave a comment below so I'll know what you thought of it :)


My first beauty swap!

A few months ago I joined this Facebook group called Be A Beauty Correspondent..thanks to my fellow bloggers who told me about it.The group is very small and private.You have to request in order to be able to join.Basically it's a group of women around the world who loves beauty products and are willing to swap with each other.

How it works is that you find a girl that you'd like to swap with and then you set a budget.In my case,Sin Kent approached me on Facebook and then we set a budget of USD100(RM320 for me)..which excludes shipping.Shipping cost is not included in the swap..so it's up to us to choose the method of shipping. 

Sin Kent and I chatted a lot about what I wanted and about what she wanted in her swap box.Preference etc.She didn't want any makeup and more skincare products.I didn't want any skincare products as I love the ones I'm currently using.haha.

She told me how Canadian post really sucks but I didn't know how much it would suck because she sent my parcel earlier than I did but it took almost 3 months to arrive while hers which I sent from here arrived in 2 weeks?I used POS Malaysia's Flexipack --which is awesome by the way.Sin Kent is actually a Malaysian living in Canada.So it was easy to communicate with her on what she wanted.

These are the list of things that Sin Kent sent to me and also with a bunch of pictures!:))

Beauty stuffs


1)Kat Von D tattoo ink eyeliner--the one thing I told her I really wanted hehe
2)Cover Girl 24hr Last Blast mascara--used it once=amazing!
3)Blistex Lip Medex--it comes in a pot& has a minty taste.
4)EOS lipbalm in Honeysuckle--been meaning to try this!Love it :)
5)Physicians Formula Sexy Oohh Lala Eye Trio--cool packaging!
6)Yes To Cucumber Facial Towelletes--I told her I wanted to try this too.
7)Pantene Dry Shampoo--love this!!
8)Vaseline Spray&Go in Aloe Fresh--I loveeee this spray body lotion&it smells amazing.We don't have this type of product here yet though so I'm happy she bought this for me.
9)Milani lip liner in Haute Pink--I've heard about Milani many many times from Youtuber videos.I love the color of this lip liner and can't wait to try it!
10)Wet&Wild Balm Stain in Red-dy or Not--This balm stain is awesome!I love the colour and the texture of the product.I've been wearing this everyday now.Sad that Wet&Wild aren't available here anymore.
11)Wet&Wild Bronzer--I told Sin Kent that I wanted a bronzer and this one is hugeeee.I tried some of it on my face & it's very flattering.I don't like looking pale so I love wearing some bronzer on my face.
12)Sally Hansen Nail Art pen in Neon Pink & (13) Purple--omg..this is awesome because it allows me to do nail art without being messy!
14)Sally Hansen Fast Dry Nail Colour pen in Pink--I love this pen!I colour my nails once a month when I have my menses(other days I don't do so cos I can't pray if that happens!)& this is perfect as I'm veryyy bad at painting my nails.
15)Loreal Liquid Lipstick in pink(can't remember the name of the colour)--I don't think we have this yet in stores and I love it!
16)Asquith&Somerset lemon bodyscrub--this is AMAZING!It makes my skin soooo soft after I use it&Sin Kent told me that it's her favourite.
17)Crabtree&Evelyn handcream in Evelyn Rose--this smells so good and makes my hand so soft!
18)Quo Eyeshadow palette--I love this palette and have used it twice.It's so pigmented & apparently Quo is a famous high end drugstore brand in Canada.
19)Quo lipstick in red--I love the packaging of this lipstick.You click the bottom of it to make the lipstick come out.I love the colour as well!
20)Joe Fresh lipliner in red--this lip liner comes with a lip brush at the other end.Very convenient!
21)Joe Fresh waterproof eyeshadow in Taupe--I love the colour and it glides so smoothly.

1)Canadian Maple Syrup--it doesn't taste like the maple syrup we have here which meant that we've been fooled!This is the real deal.:)
2)Polymer Clay Sticks--which she said I can use for nail art/crafts.
3)Teddy Bear key chain--so cuteee.

Hopefully next year I can do more swaps.I'm currently preparing a secret santa swap with members of the group.Can't wait to buy everything and ship it to my secret santa!In the upcoming blog entries,I will review some of the items I got from this beauty swap.Stay tuned!:)


Beauty product review:Maybelline brow mascara

I first saw this product in one of the magazines that I subscribed via the ipad.When I went to Luxola,I saw that it was available and of course I had to buy it.This brow mascara is not available here yet though.I've been using this for about 2 months now and I love it.

Since I have naturally thin/sparse eyebrows,this is perfect to fatten it up!It is very easy to use and it stays all day long until you take it of with your makeup remover.
Without eyebrow mascara

The only downside was that it is a bit 'wet' so you have to make sure that you don't accidentally smudge it when it's not dry yet.But it dries very quickly.I'm saying that it's 'wet' because in comparison with my Bourjois eyebrow mascara.
With eyebrow mascara

The brush looks very unique to me and apparently it was created in such a way so that it can reach all of the hairs on your brow.The brush is called the Sculpting Ball Brush.How aptly named right?

If you from the pictures above,you can see how the mascara managed to thicken my eyebrows and it looked natural.I love it!

The item is sold out on Luxola so I can't remember how much I paid for it..but I can tell you it wasn't expensive.Perhaps it'll be available here in Malaysia soon.


My "beauty" wishlist

Since I'll be joining this Secret Santa thing with my Be a Beauty Correspondent pals all over the world and I've no idea who she might be..I was told that I can make a wish list as well.It will give her some insight on what to buy for me :)

Technically,candles aren't considered as a beauty product?But they smell so good!

I've always looked longingly at Bath and Body Works candles wishing they'd open their store here quick!We have limited access here when it comes to nice smelling and affordable candles.I would love to get my hands on some of their candles below or any awesome smelling ones.

2)Sephora Favorites:Draw The Line

I love eyeliners and I wear them everyday.Next to mascara,they make my eyes look awake!This box of various brand of eyeliners from Sephora is definitely something that I would love to get.I wish our Sephora store here would sell it.

3)Sephora Favorites: Lashstash

I love mascaras and this box is filled with mini size of some of the best mascara being sold in Sephora.

4)Lush Bath bombs/melts/bubble bars

I just loveee bath bombs/melts or bubble bars.I love taking baths!But I can only do so during holidays because I don't have a bath tub at home.My honeymoon will be in January and I have some bath bombs..so can't wait to use it then.

5)Lush Ro's Agran Body Conditioner

I've heard so many great things about this body conditioner and I really want to try it!Plus I love the scent of a rose :)

6)Sephora Collection Gold Star Eye Brush Set

I have a lack of eyeshadow brushes...these from Sephora comes with a sleek gold tube that makes it easy for me to carry it with me when I'm travelling/out.

Well..that's some of the beauty prodcuts that I've been eyeing on at the moment.Can't wait to send out my Secret Santa gift and receive it as well.Pretty cool that my Secret Santa could be living anywhere in the world!