How To Get Away With Murder *spoilers*

How To Get Away With Murder is definitely my favourite new drama.It's the best mystery tv show at the moment.It's produced by Shonda Rhimes,who's responsible for Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.The entire first season has just ended and as I'm blogging this,I just finished watching episode 15 and it was mindblowing.

By the time this blog post will be published,it'll be three-four days that the finale was shown.They actually showed two episodes back to back for finale.Episode 14 and 15 together.It was just brilliant.

The entire cast(minus Sam)
The series is about Annalise Keating(played by Oscar nominated actress,Viola Davis),a criminal law professor at the fictional Middleton University in Philadelphia. Annalise is a criminal defense lawyer and she always selects a group of her best students to work at her firm.

Her students are Connor Walsh(a very good looking gay who's quite a slut),Michaela Pratt(a very ambitious girl who's engaged),Wes Gibbins(a waitlisted student..the actor who plays him,Alfred Enoch is actually British&you might recognize him from Harry Potter!),Laurel Castillo(the cool&calm student) and Asher Millstone (the son of a judge&who's a bit of a douche).

Every episode they are faced with a unique case.Most of the time Annalise of course defends someone who is guilty and tries her best to turn that situation around.The entire season also centres around the death of Lila Stangard..Annalise's husband's former student who was strangled to death and left inside a water tank at her sorority house.

The start of the series showed flashbacks...of the students having killed someone.Soon it was revealed that they killed Annalise's husband but we didn't know why they did it.Turns out Sam was responsible for Lila's death because she was carrying his baby.Yes.Crazy.

The students killed Sam because he was about to kill Rebecca,who's Lila's friend..who's suspected as the one who killed Lila but Wes believes that she didn't do it.And so did I..until it was revealed at almost the end of the season that Rebecca had hide quite a few things from all of them.

There's 15 episodes altogether and it'll be a very long blogpost if I have to explain the whole thing.

I'm just in awe with the brilliance of the storyline and the great characters.I love how aside from Viola Davis and Liza Weil(of Gilmore Girls+Bunheads fame),the other actors and actresses in the cast are relatively unknown or very new.But they're all such amazing performers.

Here's the big spoiler.I'm sorry if I ruined it for the people who haven't watch the show yet but I just have to write about my thoughts here as my mind is still reeling from what I just watched.

All this while we thought that Sam most definitely killed Lila and it justified him being dead.It justifies the fact that Annalise had to lie and protect her students from being jailed for killing her cheating husband..whom she wanted dead as well.

And then the show twisted up things and made us think that Rebecca killed Lila by adding doubts in our head about her via Rudy..Rebecca's neighbour who left those weird scratch marks on top of Wes's bed.It was then revealed right at the end that Rebecca didn't kill Lila.

Flashbacks showed who in fact killed Lila.It was mindblowing.It makes sense but the fact that the person who did it had a poker face all along..throughout the entire season when he knows who in fact killed Lila..was amazing.Yes..it's a he and if you watch the series up to the finale,you'd know who it was.It's pointless for me to even mention the name because it's obvious now.

The question is..who killed Rebecca?Yes..Rebecca is dead.Poor Wes because he doesn't know about it.Also,who did Rebecca text?I'm pretty sure that the person whom she texted will be looking out for her at Annalise's house in the upcoming second season.

Frank and Annalise both said to each other that they didn't kill Rebecca..so it's the four other students.I doubt it's Wes though.He loved her too much.I don't think it's Connor either.Laurel hid Michaela's engagement ring all along..so..she seems suspicious.It could be Bonnie as well.

I have a theory that Wes is Annalise son.I don't know why but I got a feeling that he's the child that Annalise got pregnant with after she was raped by her uncle.And she sent him to foster care?Throughout the entire season it looks like Annalise and Wes has a special bond.Why would she let her boyfriend Nate take the fall for her husband's murder(she orchestrated it) and not her four students who's guilty?Is it because one of them is her son?

All I can say is that..I can't wait for season 2.It's months away though!Gahhhhh..I definitely want to rewatch the entire season again.


BaubleBar and Drugstore.com haul

A friend of mine was coming back to Malaysia last December from United States...I asked her if I could buy some stuffs from Drugstore and sent it to her address.I also just couldn't resist buying stuffs from Drugstore as they have such amazing deals!It's a pity that they don't deliver to Malaysia..but then again,I'll be broke if that happens haha.

My friend also told me about Baublebar and how she bought a lot of stuffs from them.I told her that I've heard about the website but haven't bought anything from them.So I thought..why not get some stuffs from them too?hehe

So let's see what I bought shall we?As a disclaimer,hauls aren't for bragging..it's merely sharing what I bought,where did I bought them from,the prices,the quality etc.I love watching/reading about other people's haul..that's why I also love blogging about mine :)

Also,just to tell you dear readers that I don't have a credit card(used to have three of them, years back+ I cancelled them because..I've a bad spending habit!) and I purchased these items using my debit card/Paypal.So you don't have to have a credit card to buy things online outside of Malaysia.:)

Pretty packacing with cute quotes
If you subscribe to Youtubers such as Ingrid(missglamorazzi) or Fleur (fleurdeforce),you've heard about BaubleBar.They're a US based website and sells beautiful jewelry at such affordable prices.
My Baublebar haul!
I bought four items from BaubleBar.Three necklaces and a pair of earrings.The packaging for the jewelry is so beautiful.They came in individual boxes and with black pouches as well so that you can keep them safe and sound.

For US,it's free shipping on any order + no taxes!How awesome is that?

1.Crystal Flutter Collar USD48(I got 35% discount for this..yeayyy!)

This necklace is so beautiful,sparkly and ornate.It's not that heavy!I reserve this necklace for that special occasion as it's pretty spectacular looking.

2.Round Gem Studs USD10

I got this pair of amethyst earrings in for cheap because of the buried bauble deal.Along with the necklace below.

3.Zen Gem Pendant USD10
This necklace is 14 karat gold plated so you can rest assured that it won't turn into an ugly copper colour or leave a green mark on your neck.Can't believe that I bought it for only USD10!Thanks to the buried bauble deal.I wear this necklace almost all the time.It's delicate and beautiful.

4.Crystal Garland Strand USD48(I got 35% discount for this as well!)
This necklace is beautiful and sparkly.It's very chic looking.It's almost as sparkly as the flutter collar necklace but it's a lot more subtle and I can definitely wear this during the day.

I honestly can browse Baublebar everyday and day dream because sadly, they don't ship to Malaysia although they ship to Singapore.T_T Hopefully they'll change that soon.The prices and quality are amazing.Also the variety of designs as they update it regularly.

I love that Baublebar have pictures of the normal people who wore their stuffs on instagram.So we, as the consumer can see how it really looks like compared when it's on a model.Please ship it to Malaysia!!

My haul!
Drugstore is heaven for girls like me who lovessss beauty products.Be it makeup,haircare or bath&body.The deals and prices are amazing!I managed to screenshot my purchases.

The Milani lipsticks was a buy three lipsticks and get another one for free.There's a story behind getting these lipsticks.I've tried purchasing them two times before.Once via Walmart & I sent it to my boss address in USA(he was there for 2 weeks for business) but then I cancelled it because it won't be able to arrive on time.

Another time I ordered via Ebay and sent it to the same address there and it never reach the place and my boss came back without it.I wasted almost rm100 for them.Finally I managed to buy them via Drugstore!phewwww.

The awesome Covergirl LashBlast Volume mascara(which I loveeee wearing right now) was only USD 0.25 because I got two additional discounts for it.I think it was 50% off and another discount on top of it.Hence the very veryyyyy low price.Amazing right?A really great mascara for RM0.90!!

The Aussie Miraculously Smooth 12 hr hair spray had a 50% discount on it..and I loveee wearing it everyday as it doesn't make my hair stiff at all.It made my hair stay put and soft when I was having my honeymoon in hot and humid Bali.

Yes,I ordered twice from Drugstore.I just couldn't resist!I love Physicians Formula liquid eyeliner as it stays on all day and doesn't budge.The promo was buy one and get another one for 50% off.Who could resist such a great deal?

I've been meaning to try the Voluminous mascara(not available here) because I've heard so many great things about it and also the Magic Perfecting Base.Which is way cheaper over there than it is here.The starter brush set from Real Techniques is the only one that I don't have yet as I've so many brushes from their collection.I love the entire line!

So that's about it regarding my haul from these US websites.If you have any questions,do leave a comment!

I will blog about my reviews on the products that I bought from Drugstore..soon!



Review:Zoella Beauty Range

The entire Zoella Beauty range + a makeup bag
As you know,I'm a big fan of Zoella/Zoe..I've watched ALL of her Youtube videos and I truly mean all..even back when she just started.I love how genuine and normal she is.I've bought so many beauty things that she recommended via her haul video and they never disappoint.So I was very excited when I found out that she came out with her own beauty line.Not makeup products but more towards bath and body. 
First order

Second order
Final order!

Back in September last year,I purchased the entire line from Zoella Beauty via Feelunique the moment they were sold online.I was really quick and managed to get everything from the range and choose one makeup bag as well.

It took me three purchases to get the entire line though as they sold out fast.I bought another complete set for my friend Shasha as well as she saw my tweets about it and wanted to join!I sent the stuffs to my friend Natalie's house.I had to wait patiently for it to arrive as her mum was going to bring it back with her from the UK to Malaysia at the end of December.

The stuffs was brought over with the Feelunique box that came with it.I love how sturdy the box was.How I wish they deliver to Malaysia :( The items might look tiny in the picture but actually it's quite huge!

Especially the Soak Opera and body lotion.The entire range had the same scent.I'd describe it as being fruity and fresh.There's strawberry,violet,jasmine,gardenia and vanilla notes in it.Sounds delicious right?I love the design on the packaging..it's so pretty and girly looking.
Add caption
The body lotion is my favourite because it's very moisturizing and makes my skin smells so good.I love the convenient tube as well.

The soak opera is great as well.The bottle is so big that it'll last me for a few months..considering I have a big collection of body washes already.haha

I used up my entire Fizz Bar when I was in Bali for my honeymoon.I love it!And it really does fizz.The inside looks like a bar of chocolate and there's a "do not eat" sticker on it..If I'm not mistaken.I forgot to take a picture of it though.Ooops!

To be honest,I don't really like the body mist because the scent is a bit strong compared to the body lotion and soak opera.It's not bad..but I've to use it sparingly.

The candle is my least favourite item from the whole range because it doesn't really smell much.Because I've a lot of Yankee candles(which smells amazing),I tend to compare other candles to it.But for 5 gbp,you can't really complain!The tin is so cute though.

The other two makeup bags

Back then,there was only two different choices for the makeup bag and I choose the one with Zoella's eyes on it instead of the guinea pig one.Recently Zoella came out with another design for the makeup bag..which is really pretty as well.

In total I spent 36 gbp (rm200)for the entire line.The most expensive thing was the body mist for 8 gbp.It's definitely affordable!I'm really amazed and proud with what Zoella came up with.Clearly she had creative control over the entire range.I hope that she'll come up with new products for 2015.I'll definitely purchase them.I'll review her book,Girl Online in my upcoming blog posts!



I know I have like..so many other blogposts that I should be doing but I just watched Whiplash last night and I just have to blog about it.The movie is awesome.Miles Teller's acting was just brilliant. 

The movie is about Andrew Neiman(played by Miles Teller) who studies at Shaffer Conservatory as a first year jazz student.He aspires to become a great drummer like Buddy Rich. A conductor at his school Terrence Fletcher choose him to become an alternate to Tanner,the core drummer in his studio band.

It is apparent from the start that Terrence is very hard core and mentally abusive towards his students.He definitely pushes them to the limit.This actually made the movie very..exciting?Andrew's persistence in becoming a great  drummer and impressing Terrence was crazy.There were scenes involving drop of bloods,wounds and even an accident.

At one point I felt like Andrew was turning into Terrence because he was so consumed with drumming that he disregard the people around him.He even broke up with his girlfriend Nicole because he said that he foresee her hating him in the long run because he wants to dedicate his life in becoming a great drummer.

There was a lot of "wtf" moments in the movie.Something that you don't expect from a movie that is basically about a young man wanting to become a great drummer and his crazy teacher/conductor.

J.K Simmons played by Terrence Fletcher have won so many awards for his role.He was really great in it.But I truly believe that Miles Teller should have atleast won something as well.

There are a lot of crazy scenes in the movie which why made it so great!I want to say more and I could go on and on about scenes from the movie but I wouldn't want to spoil it for other people who have yet to watch it.It's a really great movie to watch and the buzz that it garnered is in accordance to the quality of it.

Go and watch it!