Fashionista in me

Friday, October 19, 2007 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I’m a big fan of fashion. Judging by my ever expanding wardrobe, this rings true. I have been buying In Style magazine since I was 15 years old. And I never miss even one issue each month in each year.I love reading about fashions .I even have a big hardcover book on handbags, the brands and all .I just love fashion .And of course, I love watching designers collection for each season particularly the New York Fashion week. Thanks heaven for podcasts on iTunes, as I am able to see the collection before they go out to the mass market ,not that I can afford to buy any of them but it gives me ideas on what might look good on me and really, I just love looking at all the beautiful clothes! Plus, we know that Malaysia is waaay late on keeping up with fashion trends…sigh. Watching the Spring 2008 collection of designers such as Vera Wang, Proenza Schouler,Marc Jacobs,Lanvin,Derek Lam,Carolina Herrera, Diane Von Furstenberg, Matthew Williamson,Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Zac Posen, from the New York fashion week, I can see a few key trends that will hit the stores(usually Topshop or MNG will copy the designs).

From all the collection that I watched, I really love Carolina Herrera’s dresses with beaded flowers on them( one of them was pale red and was studded with many beaded flowers that looked like posies and was paired with a gray striped cardigan…how utterly gorgeous!),and funnily,the high heeled shoes with a strand of metallic chain on the front ,that are being worn by the models on the runway,resembles the ones I saw at Vincci,only at Vincci it is a flat sandal and the chain is plastic.Props for Vincci for being way advance than Carolina Herrera(her collection just came out & it’s for Spring 2008!) herself.She said that her collection this time is an explosion of color and I love it, being a fan of color( I only have 3 black tops in my entire wardrobe).There were gorgeous beaded halter dresses,and I would be happy to have the entire collection to myself..hehehe.Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2008 collection had some of their models wearing an orchid tucked behind one side of their ear,hats and scarf tied to their hair. And the clothes were flowy, airy and feminine. I love the dress that Alex Wek wore down the runway which had prints of the Birds of Paradise flower allover and the combination of green,orange and yellow color actually works and it looked so beautiful.There were many tunic tops, gorgeous flowy and flowery dresses.Ralph Lauren collection was all black and white at first and then there were a few jeweled tone dresses.The collection had an equestrian, a black and white ball and victorian theme to it.

Derek Lam on the other hand, had a lot of animal prints, cheetah prints to be precise. And I can see from all of the collection that there are ruffles everywhere from Zac Posen to DerekLam to Ralph Lauren.There were feathers.And there were African inspired clothes from Matthew Williamson and Proenza Schouler had a military theme with all the gorgeous vest and brass buttons.Lanvin’s collection had no prints but there were glittery dresses, primary colors,and jewel toned dresses with ruffles on top.Vera Wang was all about volume but it was controlled and there were bejeweled necklines. But I was not a fan of Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 collection. To me it was not wearable compared to other designers’ collection and some of it was just too weird.