Gossip Girl is here!

Thursday, October 11, 2007 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The first time I bought the book Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar was on the 6th of September 2003.I jot the date and place I bought the book in the book.It was during the Inter School National Jr.Scrabble Competition at Subang Parade because I along with my 2 teammates were representing the state of N.Sembilan as the 1st champion for the state(a little bragging here).

The book actually came out during 2002.But after that, I kept buying the book so fast, the 2nd,the 3rd and the 4th that as time goes, I had to wait for the next book to come out because I was reading them as fast as I could.It was just juicy and so bad, in a good way.The storyline fascinated me.About a group of privileged high school students living in the upper east side of New York.I love the fashion aspect of the book as well,how the authors describe the expensive clothes that they wear.Plus the outrageous behavior and the fact that they can get away with a lot of things as long as they look good to the society.

I heard a few years ago that they were going to do a movie base on the book but up until this year there were no news.But a few months ago, I saw on the CW website which I frequent to get updates on television show there so that I can download them on Ares(yup it’s illegal but who cares?If I wait for Malaysian television broadcast, ‘berjanggut lah jawabnya’.I was excited when I saw the advert for Gossip Girl on the website and plus the fact that Josh Schwartz(the man behind the now defunct The OC) is one of the executive producers( I think the show has 3 exec producer), I’m sure that the show will be good and give justice to the book.I watch the video for the trailer of the show on the CW website and was getting excited.

And finally, after I manage to get my hands on the episodes, by downloading them and now I have watch all 3 episodes( I think right now they’re showing the 4th episode in the US & I’ll get that episode next week) I can safely say that it’s good!Though the story has many twist here and there and doesn’t really follow everything in the book because I was kinda shock when I watch the 1st episode and realize that it was on the 1st book,everything from start to finish is what is in the 1st book.I wondered where will the show go now, wondering if each episode will be based on each book in numerical order. But as I watched the 2nd and 3rd episode, I realize that things will be just fine! And I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes!

Here I list the differences between the book and the series:
1. Blair’s mother doesn’t have a boyfriend and soon to be her stepfather like in the book, named Cyrus and he’s suppose to have a son named Aaron.

2. Blair’s younger brother Tyler is nowhere to be seen.Does she even have a brother in the show?

3.Dan’s Humphrey best friend named Vanessa Abrams is not in the show.In the 1st book,she’s suppose to find a lead actress in her film with the lead actor being Dan.

4 . Jenny Humphrey is not as stacked as what is described in the book. She was supposed to have really big boobs and brown hair.

5. Serena’s brother ,Eric is supposed to be older than her,a player and is studying at Brown but in the show, he’ younger and have dark issues.

6. Serena is far more serious in the show than she was portrayed in the book.She was far more aloof and all about fun in the book.

7. Serena has both parents in the book but in the show , somehow Serena’s mom is a single parent and has a history with Dan’s dad.

I totally recommend you guys to download the series from Ares!!!Go and watch it now.