Raya is here!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I can’t wait for Raya the day.Hopefully it’ll be a good one.Unlike last year whereby some mishap happen to our family.This year my parents have been very generous with Raya shopping.So far I have bought 4 tops, a pair of slinky black pants( my current one is getting burok), 3 pairs of shoes and 2 baju kurung plus one kebaya.^_^ Yup that’s a lot!I love my shoes!!!!Can’t wait to wear em’.

I’ve been cleaning the clutter in my room and reorganizing my wardrobe.God knows I have too many clothes.My room is strictly off limits for my family members except my mum.She opened my closet once last week and was like, I can’t believe you have this many clothes and goes on to tell me about the time when she was in the university that she did not have as much clothes to wear.hehehe.But she bought it for me but she herself forgot about it.But I guess I do have too many clothes because I have quite a few tops that I have yet to be worn and an armful of dresses that I have not worn too!Sigh..so I decided to put everything that I will not be wearing anymore into a big garbage bag( I have no big boxes) and give them to charity.

The fact that I only go back to my parent’s house during weekends and recently I only go back twice a month due to assignments, my room is a mess.I live with my housemates in a rented apartment and even there I have trouble in keeping it clean, let alone my own room in my own house.I can’t wait to help my mum cook Raya food. We’re going to the market this Friday morning and I’m going to attempt at making Masak Lodeh and lontong this year .Since my family does not have those dishes every Raya except when we go to my aunts house .Raya also mean getting many gift hampers and I love opening them with my cousins. We have many home videos on my mother’s side and as I watch them back when we were little kids, our late grandpa Sheikh Haji Jamaluddin will trick my cousin to believe that there’s money in empty Raya money packets. And me and my cousins will divide the things in the hamper between us.Watching all those tapes brings laughter and joy.My dad just got some hampers and raya biscuit from his workers and friends.Sigh, can’t wait for Raya!!!!!!!!!!1