The smell of frangipanis

Thursday, October 11, 2007 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Frangipani or kemboja, is a common sight in my hometown.Especially near kubur site(cemetery).But I fell in love with this flower a few years ago, nonetheless. I love the smell of the white flower with a bright yellowe center.The other color of frangipanis does not smell as nice as the white ones. My parents plant a few of the trees at our house and when the flower blooms, I will put a few of them in a bowl filled with water and put it near my bedside table.And every morning or whenever I feel like it I’ll smell the flowers.And a whiff of it just calms me.I wish that I can put the smell into a perfume and wear it everyday.I got so excited when I read in a magazine that Annick Goutal release a perfume named Songes that is derived from the Frangipani.So as I went to Annick Goutal perfume counter to get a whiff of Songes, oh what a dismay when the smell is not at all close to the smell of frangipanis. I wish that there’s a perfume out there that smell like a bouquet of white frangipanis so that I can buy and wear them.Until then, I’ll just have to stick to experiencing the scent by putting them in bowls of water in my room.


Anonymous said...

try chantecaille frangipani

Anonymous said...

Try frangipanis by Ormonde Jayne