Such a late post!!!

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This entry should have been posted days ago but due to the fact that I somehow can't open the blogger webiste,this took a lot more time than it should have...huhuhu

So here's my updates over what I have been doing over the last couple of weeks....^_^

So much on looking on the bright side of things and all that I have neglect my blog in the pursuit of searching for the perfect template for it.Phew!This is the new template and if I get bored with it again I’ll change it again.hehehe.Okay,what have I been up to this past couple of weeks?The Ramadhan month is about to end and I can’t wait for Raya but then again after Raya is finals so I’m not exactly thrilled with that side of things. Sigh.On a more cheery note,my life has been great this past few weeks.

1. Adjudicated INTEC Battle of Minds Debate comp

It was a good competition.I enjoyed adjudicating my friends juniors.It got me missing being an adjudicator so much and just a hint of wanting to debate again.But commitment is an issue and I would rather not commit to something that I know I won’t be able to keep at it. But all in all although it is a small competition and it was their 1st comp, it was fun to listen to the ideas that the students have and some of the motions were hilarious.I.E, THW Ban Cock Fighting.Thought there some kids who just plain gave me a headache with their points but I had to remind myself that they are novices and to give them a chance.But the final debate was quite a letdown.All 5 adjudicators that included me,Izza,2 INTEC lecturers & Hafiedz the debate maestro himself,had a hard time deliberating who should win the debate.But the decision was made and I have to give props for the students for being able to single handedly organize their own debate competition!!Long live bright young minds!!

2. Had buka puasa with the kids at Rumah Aman

My housemates and I,some of our classmates and the guys from Safa’s house joined together and pooled our money to have berbuka puasa with the kids at Rumah Aman in Sek 2.It was a humbling experience.The house is filled with young boys from the age of 4-8 and all of them are orphans.But they were so well behaved and they can even recite the doa makan in English.My friends catered the food which was tomato rice with some dishes, using the money that we collected from each other,plus some donation from our parents and even my aunts chipped in by sponsoring food stuff. Our guy friends fried some nuggets, sausages for the kids and my housemate,Mak made onde-onde from her own recipe which me,Hanna,Napisah,Hani & Emmy helped in preparing it.It was a great night.We ate with the little boys,we talked to them.There was this one boy named Firdaus who were very unfriendly because he didn’t want to talk to any of us.Turns out he had stomachache but he still didn’t budge even after my other friends tried to make him laugh or talk to any of them.But I was not going to give up.I talked to him,took some pictures and he finally relented and laugh showing his toothless grin.I uploaded our pic on my friendster account.After that all of us performed terawih prayes together and then the founder of Rumah Aman showed us around the place.The place is spotless!From the big kitchen to the classroom(all of the kids goes to school at SK Raja Muda, but the lil ones are educated there.)They are so well taken care off.And looking at their activity board, even Hot.FM will be having buka puasa with them, MC Donalds in Seksyen 3 too!

3.Dinner Kesatria(okay, this is not really a positive post but who cares!)

It was not quite a disaster but it almost was.My friends and I looked our best that night with great outfits,adhering to the theme which was Modern Traditional I think, we did our hair and make up too.We even spent weeks before deciding on what to wear,doing a mini fashion show at my house with my housemates.So we were really anticipating it.But when the time comes, it was such a dissapoinment.It was held at a venue that should remain nameless.The worse part was we had to queue for food because they did not put the food on the table like civilize people should.So you can imagine what happened.It was a stampede!It was stuffy and hot due to the fact that they did not even put rotating fans around the tents and it was so not worth it spending the RM 30!We could have gone to Mcd, and have a feast per person and still stay cool.Oh yeah,the worst part of it was that there were not enough seating!I wonder how in the world did they organize this thing?My friend and I had to circle the place 3 times in order to find a place to sit and when there were none, we found to chairs stacked on top of each other and had to squeeze in to our friends table. It was sooo frustrasting.An d to think that we missed the Malam Nostalgia at our faculty for it!It made me so mad to even think of it.Because by the time we got back to our faculty after the dinner, the event has ended and we missed our friends performances. Haih!And when I rant about the dinner to my seniors,they told us that previously their Kesatria dinner was not at the same venue as we got.Theirs had waiters giving them food and it was held at an air conditioned place!F*^#!

4.Malam Anugerah Dekan Fakulti Pendidikan

Although I am on the committee of the event, I didn’t really think I contributed that much although I supposedly am the head of the Jemputan committee, due to the fact that assignments and quizzes are rolling in like thunder.But the night was a success and the food was gooooddd.Much, much better than the sucky Kesatria Dinner.sigh.The event also was very appropriate, at Klang Executive Club which of course meant air conditioning unlike Kesatria Dinner(there I go again!).Lets not remember that night anymore kay?And I was surprised when my junior,also named Liyana gave 2 performances that night, singing nasyid songs with another friend of hers.I never know that she had the singing talent in her.Congrats to all my friends who made it to the dean’s list and the Malam Anugerah committee for making the whole event a success.
More updates to come later this week!