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Saturday, November 03, 2007 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I’ve been flipping through more Spring 2008 collection and wishing that I could have all those beautiful dresses. Here’s more of my pick.You can see more of other designers collection for Spring 2008 at my fav website next to TeenVogue). And yes,I love dresses & skirts..hehehe.N0 pants here.Though I do wear jeans everyday,I have many pretty dresses & skirts as well.

Christian Dior

There are so many great outfits for this collection.John Galliano is just so weird(judging from what he wore during the fashion show) but he manage to make over one of the most conservative fashion house of all and injecting fun into it through these years.


His last show and it ended with a bang.All of his designs were amazing.The new designer for the house of Valentino will have big shoes to fill into.


I fell in love with their rose dresses which was featured in one of the issue of InStyle( and Sienna Miller wore a white rose shaped dressed awhile back) sometime this year.

Luisa Beccaria
I love the hanging lemons!And it’s sweet that at the end of the fashion show, she walked down with one of her daughters.Her youngest daughter even walked down the runaway.She has 3 beautiful daughters who are so lucky to be able to wear their mum’s clothes anytime they want(I read in the June/July 2004 issue of TeenVogue.Yup,I’m a pack rat because I can’t throw away my old copy of TeenVogue).