Boredom can seriously kill you

Sunday, January 27, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I am not kidding.Being a restless person that I am, I find being bored as one of the worse case scenarios that could ever happen to me and I try to avoid it at all cost.I hate being bored, having nothing to do. Though there are moments when I wish I could just do nothing and just sleep(that’s when I have too many assignments to do or when I have to study..hahaha).But right now I am just fuckingly bored and I wish I had gone to that Quicksilver party and have a blast.I need fun in my life so bad!!!If only I could have gotten my car sooner I would not have been bored as hell like this.To Izza,you are definitely right..kebohsanan boleh membunuh.huhuhu.

Here are a few things that I wish I could do to counter attack this boredom

1. Go on a holiday with my bestfriends to a beach or up on the hills where I can just relax and laugh with them,taking so many beautiful pics and talking about everything under the stars…sigh

2. Go to a spa and get a full pampering session..god knows I really need a massage.The prob is,I’m broke!

3 .Driving my car with my girlfriends and going to places we wanna go and singing out loud in the car with the window down.

4. Shop for new dresses,bags and shoes..though I don’t need anymore but retail therapy is one of the best therapy there is..hahaha

5 .Go on a picnic date and lay under a tree,reading a book with a guy that I love..wait a minute..I’m not in love and this would probably not happen in a gazillion years.riiighhtt.

6.Go to Tuscany,stay there for a week,soak up the culture,the scenery,the food and maybe the Italian guys too…hahahaha…not gonna happen since my dad will kill me & again,I’m broke!

7.Be in someone’s fabulous shoes for a day like Kimora Lee Simmons or Camilla Belle or Mandy Moore…sigh.

8.Or finally,just bear with all these boredom and just hang in there until this feeling is over or something good comes my way….


KnowitJunki said...

Have you heard of Yahoo Answers?

Check it out.

A great cure for the boredoms.