I'm back!!!Sort of laaa

Saturday, January 26, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I haven’t blog in such a long time!So many things that I want to blog about but can’t…It’s not because I don’t want to but because of the fact that my beloved lappie has gone into hibernation.Yuppzzz after almost 3 years of standing faithfully by my side than any guy ever will(no offense to anyone,I’ve always been single so…),my lappie has gone kaput!But not dead laa it’s just that the LCD rosak..huhu.Since I’m in the midst of getting a car,a brand new one at that,it will be just too much to ask my dad to buy a new laptop for me too…so yup my life is pretty boring nowadays.Since my laptop is pretty much my life.So many songs are in there too…just need to get the money to repair it laaa…anyone care enough to donate me RM1000???hahaha

Okay back to the updates on my life..I’m not living with my friends anymore but am living with my 2 aunts and my only grandma since my parents doesn’t..okay finee,,have NEVER agree with the idea of me living at 16 with my friends…Plus,they promised that I’ll get a car to go to classes which by the way,the month of January is about to end but I still haven’t got it yet!But I’m hoping that it’ll finally be ready by next week..plzzzz laaaa sudah xtahan naik teksi & cost a lot of money..Seriously,a cab ride from my grandma’s house to my faculty cost rm10 so basically I spend rm20 a day on transport.Baik ade kereta jer kn?I’ve been patient for so long..so I just have to wait a little bit more laa eventhough to be honest,mmg la bengang kn?If I had known that the car will not be ready by this Saturday,I would have gone to Re-Evolution at Sunway Lagoon instead!!Mesti best glerrrr…Dah laa I got free tickets from a friend but she had to give them to others cos again,I thought I would not be free on Saturday..on the account that me & my dad will go & pick up the car and he’ll teach me to get used to the car.sigh.Cos my dad asked them to add tinted windows laa,reverse sensor laa..lambat laa siap kn?I’m just excited over the shoe tray in the car!!Wheeeee more place to put my shoes…^_^ .Plus,I so want to bring my friends to places that they want to go because I so need to clear my head and have fun with them!The downside of living with family is of course the curfew..Add to the fact that I am the apple of my dad’s eye…hahaha..I got an earful from him last week for going back home around 2 a.m..Like,I didn’t do anything wrong pun.Lepak2 je kot.sheeshh

This semester I have to be more diligent in my studies too because my dad is all about the grades.He doesn’t care how many debate tournies I have adjudicated(7 last counted) or how many post I hold in different Persatuans or Clubs…sigh.To him it’s all about gpa,gpa…haih…

I don’t think I’ll have that much problem with my studies this semester though because

A) I live with my grandma & 2 aunts who will report to my parents whenever I come home late

B)Because of above, I don’t have a social life.No more going out until 3 am in the morning…sob sob sob

C)I’m still single..giving me more boring times for myself…hahah.Though I hope that this one will change this year…hehehehe

D)My dad will probably kill me if I don’t get the gpa that he wants.Though he probably won’t cos he loves me so much…kuikui

See the pressure of being the perfect only daughter in the family??hahaha.