What a week it has been!

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It has been quite a hectic week and next week will be even hectic because Whoa Willow! will finally and hopefully be staged for all to see .Okay,what have I been up to this week?I have been busy with assignments and there will be more pending assignments to complete,lesson plans to plan(a pun intended),a creative project and plus, I have to create a test,do a meeting, Japanese dialog some more…woooahhh..so many things left to complete. That is why I am blogging while I have this little bit of free time.

This week I actually becama a runway model for a day if you can really call it that.My seniors who are in their last semester (gonna miss you guys so much!!!) have to do a seminar of some sort for their class project and U8D class chose to do a Grooming Seminar.So they need models to walk the runway to show what look is right and what look is wrong for the professional world. So me and my friends were asked by Anas the catwalk maestro of TESL…hehehe..to help his class project. And so we did. Wish that my best friend were there but she had family things to tend to and could not participate at the last minute .I even manage to make 2 new friends,Jessica & LV whom I asked to join the line of models for the seminar as Anas needed more and it was great getting to know them!

The free makeover was great too…getting your hair and makeup done for free by professionals was great though it wasn’t a makeup look that I would wear everyday.Because I’m so pale,they made me looked so tanned!And the makeup is crayola(Anas told me) and that it will last up to 12 hours..huhu. Basically it was stage makeup I guess and it had to last because of the lighting from the many spotlights would have melted our normal makeup really fast.But I kinda regret the fact that they did my eyebrows…it’s too thin for me laa…But it’s okay because it will grow back and I’ll tweeze it muhself..hehe..Have got to make lunch now for my bro’s cos my parents are out.Bye!!!!



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Someone went to this seminar thing and has a spiritual awakening and the words that she said to me kinda made me look at my situation, even other people’s situation, in a different light.In this world,a lot of people and I mean a LOT of people is more about ME ME ME. We forgot about others, we forgot about God. We get soo caught up in our problems or ‘mabuk cinta’ or enjoying life to the max haram-ly that we forget he is always watching us from up above.I tend to forgot to sometimes.Nobody's perfect and I'm certainly ain't a saint but that doesn't mean we should stop in becoming a better person.Day in,day out.Syukur alhamdulillah He gave me friends who are there to remind me of my faults, to remind me that life is so much bigger than stupid things like, “I wish have more money”, “I wish looked like so & so” “I wish I have a boyfriend(bleargghhh…hate this one!)”.My friend reminded me,from the seminar that she went that its better to be in love with God because he won’t ever let you down.Dalam dunia ni tiada yang abadi.Betulkan?


A walk to remember

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Just now,I watched A Walk to Remember for the second time, after about 4 years of not watching it again. Because why? Because it left such an impact on me..I felt really, really sad after watching it. But hands down, it’s one of my utmost favorite love stories and the soundtrack is one of the best ever. I remembered the first time I watched the movie which was in Form 3 or Form 4 and back then people still buy cassettes and I bought the soundtrack and listened to it everyday, back to back. I loved all the songs and still do.

I went through a phase back in my teenage angst years whereby I didn’t believe in love or marriage. Actually, I didn’t believe in marriage even when I started university but in times my perspective changed. But basically, A Walk to Remember changed my mind about love and I end up falling in love for the first time a few months after that. And I have never felt that way about a guy since. He was such an amazing guy but I was too young to fully appreciate it or understand it. And it ended with me leaving. We tried to patch things up 2 years later but my heart was not in it anymore. But the memory was definitely beautiful and something to remember. The fact that my first love was such an incredible guy made me hopeful that I’ll find someone to be my one and only someday .For now, I would rather be single.^_^

In the movie, Mandy Moore made a list of things that she wants to do before she dies. I did made one back in high school and proudly, I completed almost of it and something’s I never thought (back then when I was 16 going 17) I would ever do. So now, I am going to do it again and hopefully it will stretch to 50 things. There are so many things that I want to do before I get old so I’m going to start again now. And next semester I’ll be really lonely because someone I love so much will leave the country…So I need to fill up my time with great things to do.


An advert that touches my heart

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I have been hearing many emotional reactions over an advertisement by Petronas for CNY.But because of the fact that I haven't been watching the tv in awhile, I didn't get to watch that advert.So today I was lucky to stumble upon itwhen I switch on the tv,like literally,I just switch it on and there it was,the advert that I was waiting for.And yeah,it almost made me cry!The Chinese kid looked so cheerful and mischievious in the class and waving to all his friends as they were going home from school but nobody knows the fact that inside,he was ready to crumble up and cry.Because before that the teacher asked him to draw a picture of his family having a big family dinner which of course he doesn't have one since he is an orphan.What breaks my heart the most was the fact that he was all cheerful,waving at his friends at the bustop but inside, he was crying and once the Indian lady came,whom I'm sure is his caretaker at the orphanage,he hugged her and cried.And as I watched that,I realize how important it was to have a family and we should always appreciate them.Another great commercial from Yasmin Ahmad..kudos to her!


Sometimes I confuse myself

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There are times when you know what you want but then again there are moments when you ask yourself,is this what you want?I have to admit it, I get bored easily and this applies to a lot of things...probably that is why I'm still single.I haven't found someone who can sustain my interest in them for a long period of time.I don't think I am fussy but I just want someone original and open.I love big romantic gestures too..Sometimes I think chivalry is dead in this world.And that guys don't even know what it means anymore..That's such a shame..

But then again my life is pretty good right now.Excluding the big mistake that I did last week(refer to last blog entry) and what happened today( twas a mishap of some sort)..other than that,I have every reason to be thankful for.

But...yup there's a but...after having a deep conversation with someone,I think maybe,just maybe,I'm limiting myself to something that's not definite.And the fact that,that someone is taking me for granted when there's many others who don't,but I'm not willing to let them in.It's hard to explain here,but it is what it is.So I'm keeping my options open and see where it goes.After all,you only live once!Here's a toast to still being single and the many opportunities and dates that it brings.haha


A blog entry gone awry

Saturday, February 09, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

A lot of goings on has been happening with a recent blog entry of mine, about a piece of gossip that I heard from a friend.

Many people was pissed with that entry.With very valid reasons.The friend that I heard it from had to go through a lot in defending herself over the fact that she told me about it.But even before I blog about it, I did asked her if I could blog about it and she gave in but I guess I should not have even asked in the first place without knowing the commotion it would have created.

But I guess that is the power of gossip.People loves to gossip,but reading something about your ownself must not be pleasant.And I'm truly sorry for all parties who were affected by it.People makes mistakes and this year, this is my biggest to date.To pass of a gossip on my blog without actually knowing if all of it,what I heard,was true or not,was stupid,I admit.To those who were pissed or still are,I'm terrribly sorry.That's all I can do.I didn't partake in the gossip because I wasn't there,but spreading it through this blog didn't help either.So I decided to delete it out of respect to many people.There,end of story.


Life is too short

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My recent blog entries has been about a part of my life that I find hard to forget.If I could it would be so much easier.We make new memories everyday and of course, not all of those memories are good but that's life.And I regret the fact that I let it affected me.When I have so much to be thankful for right now but I choose to still remember it.So I won't.Not anymore.I'm done with that part of my life.

Sometimes I remind myself that just to be able to live,walk,breathe and talk,is something that I should be thankful about.Some people do not even have the simple abilities that we have.Sometimes you get sidetracked by little things in life that do not matter and I'm glad that I have people around me that reminds me that you know,Life is too short.Life is too short to still be mad at a person.Life is too short to fixate on trivial little things.Life is too short.So,I'm trying to appreciate it a little bit more.Bit by bit.I'm trying to open up my heart to others.Trying to be a better person.To not be so impatient.To relax more.

I'm thankful that I'm surrounded with love.From my family and my friends.Especially my parents who care and love me so much.That is something that I never fail to be thankful for,everyday.



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I'm currently reading 3 books.2 for 2 of my classes and 1 for leisure.Yup,I love to read..so what?Last night as I was reading Eat,Pray,Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, this excerpt from the book struck to me.I'll type it here so that you guys can read it...because to me,I find that it's true..Because i've seen it happen to my friends.And shamefully,I have experience it before to.

"Addiction is the hallmark of every infatuation-based love story.It all begins when the object of your adoration bestows upon you a heady,hallucinogenic dose of something you never even dared to admit you wanted---an emotional speedball,perhaps of thunderous love and roiling excitement.Soon you start craving that intense attention,with the hungry obsession of any junkie.When the drug is withheld,you promptly turn sick,crazy and depleted(not to mention resentful of the dealer who encouraged this addiction in the first place but who now refuses to pony up the good stuff anymore--despite the fact that you know he has it hidden somewhere,goddamn it,because he used to give it to you for free)."

Whadya think??So far,I'm pretty pleased with the book.It's not fiction.It's about her journey to Italy(the reason why I bought the book in the first place),India & Indonesia.