An advert that touches my heart

Thursday, February 14, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I have been hearing many emotional reactions over an advertisement by Petronas for CNY.But because of the fact that I haven't been watching the tv in awhile, I didn't get to watch that advert.So today I was lucky to stumble upon itwhen I switch on the tv,like literally,I just switch it on and there it was,the advert that I was waiting for.And yeah,it almost made me cry!The Chinese kid looked so cheerful and mischievious in the class and waving to all his friends as they were going home from school but nobody knows the fact that inside,he was ready to crumble up and cry.Because before that the teacher asked him to draw a picture of his family having a big family dinner which of course he doesn't have one since he is an orphan.What breaks my heart the most was the fact that he was all cheerful,waving at his friends at the bustop but inside, he was crying and once the Indian lady came,whom I'm sure is his caretaker at the orphanage,he hugged her and cried.And as I watched that,I realize how important it was to have a family and we should always appreciate them.Another great commercial from Yasmin Ahmad..kudos to her!