A blog entry gone awry

Saturday, February 09, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

A lot of goings on has been happening with a recent blog entry of mine, about a piece of gossip that I heard from a friend.

Many people was pissed with that entry.With very valid reasons.The friend that I heard it from had to go through a lot in defending herself over the fact that she told me about it.But even before I blog about it, I did asked her if I could blog about it and she gave in but I guess I should not have even asked in the first place without knowing the commotion it would have created.

But I guess that is the power of gossip.People loves to gossip,but reading something about your ownself must not be pleasant.And I'm truly sorry for all parties who were affected by it.People makes mistakes and this year, this is my biggest to date.To pass of a gossip on my blog without actually knowing if all of it,what I heard,was true or not,was stupid,I admit.To those who were pissed or still are,I'm terrribly sorry.That's all I can do.I didn't partake in the gossip because I wasn't there,but spreading it through this blog didn't help either.So I decided to delete it out of respect to many people.There,end of story.


Anonymous said...

I apologise, that I can help nothing. I hope, to you here will help.