Life is too short

Saturday, February 09, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

My recent blog entries has been about a part of my life that I find hard to forget.If I could it would be so much easier.We make new memories everyday and of course, not all of those memories are good but that's life.And I regret the fact that I let it affected me.When I have so much to be thankful for right now but I choose to still remember it.So I won't.Not anymore.I'm done with that part of my life.

Sometimes I remind myself that just to be able to live,walk,breathe and talk,is something that I should be thankful about.Some people do not even have the simple abilities that we have.Sometimes you get sidetracked by little things in life that do not matter and I'm glad that I have people around me that reminds me that you know,Life is too short.Life is too short to still be mad at a person.Life is too short to fixate on trivial little things.Life is too short.So,I'm trying to appreciate it a little bit more.Bit by bit.I'm trying to open up my heart to others.Trying to be a better person.To not be so impatient.To relax more.

I'm thankful that I'm surrounded with love.From my family and my friends.Especially my parents who care and love me so much.That is something that I never fail to be thankful for,everyday.