Sometimes I confuse myself

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

There are times when you know what you want but then again there are moments when you ask yourself,is this what you want?I have to admit it, I get bored easily and this applies to a lot of things...probably that is why I'm still single.I haven't found someone who can sustain my interest in them for a long period of time.I don't think I am fussy but I just want someone original and open.I love big romantic gestures too..Sometimes I think chivalry is dead in this world.And that guys don't even know what it means anymore..That's such a shame..

But then again my life is pretty good right now.Excluding the big mistake that I did last week(refer to last blog entry) and what happened today( twas a mishap of some sort)..other than that,I have every reason to be thankful for.

But...yup there's a but...after having a deep conversation with someone,I think maybe,just maybe,I'm limiting myself to something that's not definite.And the fact that,that someone is taking me for granted when there's many others who don't,but I'm not willing to let them in.It's hard to explain here,but it is what it is.So I'm keeping my options open and see where it goes.After all,you only live once!Here's a toast to still being single and the many opportunities and dates that it brings.haha