A walk to remember

Saturday, February 16, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Just now,I watched A Walk to Remember for the second time, after about 4 years of not watching it again. Because why? Because it left such an impact on me..I felt really, really sad after watching it. But hands down, it’s one of my utmost favorite love stories and the soundtrack is one of the best ever. I remembered the first time I watched the movie which was in Form 3 or Form 4 and back then people still buy cassettes and I bought the soundtrack and listened to it everyday, back to back. I loved all the songs and still do.

I went through a phase back in my teenage angst years whereby I didn’t believe in love or marriage. Actually, I didn’t believe in marriage even when I started university but in times my perspective changed. But basically, A Walk to Remember changed my mind about love and I end up falling in love for the first time a few months after that. And I have never felt that way about a guy since. He was such an amazing guy but I was too young to fully appreciate it or understand it. And it ended with me leaving. We tried to patch things up 2 years later but my heart was not in it anymore. But the memory was definitely beautiful and something to remember. The fact that my first love was such an incredible guy made me hopeful that I’ll find someone to be my one and only someday .For now, I would rather be single.^_^

In the movie, Mandy Moore made a list of things that she wants to do before she dies. I did made one back in high school and proudly, I completed almost of it and something’s I never thought (back then when I was 16 going 17) I would ever do. So now, I am going to do it again and hopefully it will stretch to 50 things. There are so many things that I want to do before I get old so I’m going to start again now. And next semester I’ll be really lonely because someone I love so much will leave the country…So I need to fill up my time with great things to do.