What a week it has been!

Sunday, February 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

It has been quite a hectic week and next week will be even hectic because Whoa Willow! will finally and hopefully be staged for all to see .Okay,what have I been up to this week?I have been busy with assignments and there will be more pending assignments to complete,lesson plans to plan(a pun intended),a creative project and plus, I have to create a test,do a meeting, Japanese dialog some more…woooahhh..so many things left to complete. That is why I am blogging while I have this little bit of free time.

This week I actually becama a runway model for a day if you can really call it that.My seniors who are in their last semester (gonna miss you guys so much!!!) have to do a seminar of some sort for their class project and U8D class chose to do a Grooming Seminar.So they need models to walk the runway to show what look is right and what look is wrong for the professional world. So me and my friends were asked by Anas the catwalk maestro of TESL…hehehe..to help his class project. And so we did. Wish that my best friend were there but she had family things to tend to and could not participate at the last minute .I even manage to make 2 new friends,Jessica & LV whom I asked to join the line of models for the seminar as Anas needed more and it was great getting to know them!

The free makeover was great too…getting your hair and makeup done for free by professionals was great though it wasn’t a makeup look that I would wear everyday.Because I’m so pale,they made me looked so tanned!And the makeup is crayola(Anas told me) and that it will last up to 12 hours..huhu. Basically it was stage makeup I guess and it had to last because of the lighting from the many spotlights would have melted our normal makeup really fast.But I kinda regret the fact that they did my eyebrows…it’s too thin for me laa…But it’s okay because it will grow back and I’ll tweeze it muhself..hehe..Have got to make lunch now for my bro’s cos my parents are out.Bye!!!!