Saturday, March 29, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I was amazed tonight at the 'gig'.It was not really a gig..okay it wasn't a gig because it was more like a performance thing.Oh yeah,we got lost going there because that area was soo confusing maa!

The bad news of the night was that the place was small,like really small.I have never been there so I didn't expect it to be that small.huhuhu.I mean,when my cousin and my friends got there,there were no,NO chairs for us to sit on.But thank God for Afiq,my cousin's friend who was performing that night for bringing us inside to sit(everybody sat outside,since the performance is outdoor.But you can still see the performance from the inside.).But they manage to bring out more chairs for us to sit on outside after awhile.Missed R.O.N.E.Y's performance because we came a bit late.

Manage to catch The Dearly Missed performance.To be truthful,they sound like any other generic U.S bands out there.Though kudos for them for being able to write their own songs!

Lastly,it was Violet who was the band of my cousin's friend.Afiq(guitar/vocal) & Crystal(vocalist) performed without Afiq's original 2 band member because both of them left out of some problems.So kudos to Crystal for able to sing well despite just joining Afiq.

But seriously& honestly,not just because he is my cousin's friend but Afiq rocks man!!!He can seriously play the guitar like really really and incredibly well.I dare say that he can beat my friend Ikram & my 2 seniors,Azzam & Bari who played for both Dielle & Whoa Willow.He's that good!You should ask Izza & Tatie who watched him play the guitar up close(we were sitting right there beside the 'stage' while they played) and saw how fast his fingers were when he played an instrumental piece that he dedicated to his bestfriend(aww sweet!).

The best part was...throughout the whole thing,there's this guy who sat next to me because he was controlling the PA system(yes we were that close to the 'stage' showing how small the place is)...I was like...why does he seem so familiar???And I suddenly realize why he seemed so familiar.... because he acted in KAMI & I turn and told Tatie & Izza who he was but they were like,'Ye ker?','Bukan lagi buruk ker?'..Suddenly,at the end of the whole thing,the mc asked him to play a song.So he played 1 song...and it was incredible watching him upclose like that.I was amazed and mesmerized.Not only was he super talented but he was so good looking.I think I melted then and there.He only played one song and after that,the mc was like,have you seen him somewhere???And she explained that he played a character on KAMI...Yesshhh I was right!!!