A bad situation

Monday, March 17, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Life is not perfect and mine are far from it.I hate being in a bad position with my parents.But sometimes you just have to let your voices be heard and today I did so,loudly.It’s hard when there are times when you wish your parents would understand you and your situation but they just don’t .Expletives were thrown to me from my dad over the phone today. But of course I didn’t throw it at him back though I wish I could.But it’s suffice to say that it’s hard living under the microscope. I guess because after 3 semesters of living with friends and coming home late in the morning from doing assignments and such,when you live with your family they can’t accept that you come home late or in my case staying at other people’s house instead of coming home.Okay,so I did not sleep at home for 2 days straight. In my defense, I wasn’t doing anything wrong other than having to complete group assignments or having a night of harmless fun( where thanks to my friends ,I manage to refrain myself to have a drink but boy was I tempted. How can you not when alcohol is everywhere where you at.) but you know how overprotective dad’s can be..they tend to blew things out of proportion.And my dad is the ever drama queen,even far more worse than my mum who’s more mellow on these things.I’m going to try to find a job,a part-time one during this semester break so that next semester I can pay my own rent and live with my friends instead of living under the microscope all the time.Because my parents have this policy that once they gave me a car,I can’t live on my own and have to stay at my aunt’s whose place is nearer to my campus than my parents house.So in order for me to be able to keep my car and have a place of my own, I have to pay rent using my own money. My scholarship money is for my allowance and my car. Yup money is always an issue!