Did anyone notice it?

Monday, March 31, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Was it last friday or saturday that Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohammad wrote an article and it was published on The Sun.It revealed a lot of things on the Terengganu MB position and other political matters as well.If I didn't look closely at who wrote that piece,I would not have guessed that it was Tun who penned it.Wanted to show the article to Izza(Mahathir's biggest supporter) but alast,the newspaper has been sent to the recycling center by mistake.Damn!Should have cut and keep it as it was very,very revealing without being revealing.Get it?Hah.Long live Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohammad!


yeah, long live tun dr mahathir! (though not literally). but i did something really bad to him today, i forgot to go to the thoughts of mahathir club today. wargh~!!!! sorry tun!!!

moja said...


I wanna join that club too! Nobody's better than Tun! Alamak..can u google it in the web? hehehe..if jumpa, roger me! wanna read that! LOOOOOONG live TUN!

Liyana said...

tu la...seriously,the moment i finished reading that article,i should have kept it in a safe place...huhuhu
but it was a very good piece!