Eyebags getting heavier

Friday, March 07, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

What a day it has been…Let alone what a hectic two weeks it has been…huhu
I totally bombed today’s Japanese test.I am so dead it’s not even funny. I have to catch up through the individual Oral test and finals.Despite the fact that I look like one(I am not being vain or perasan kay?I have been called a Japanese since high school, up until last week and counting!), I sooo do not feel the language at all! I want to take Italian actually but because of something really incredibly stupid, I had to take Japanese instead. Word of advice, sometimes you should try many methods in order to stay awake so that you don’t overslept because you were sleep-deprived and end up not studying for your test.At all.arggghhh.

Plus, I am sooooo NOT looking forward to my microteaching….malas nyerrrrrrrrrrrrr.Plus the fact that in only 5 weeks,it will be the finals!!!!I have like 3 major big assignments that are yet to be planned or discuss, let alone to be completed. I just want to sleep and sleep and have fun with my friends,go to the Sunburst concert(can somebody buy the tickets for me please???As in pay for it too??) and be in love. But yeah,we don’t live in a perfect world do we?Oh how I wish it was so.How I wish I could have taken Italian instead of Japanese.How I wish that I have a boyfriend that loves me.How I wish that I am a genius.Argghh…what the hell am I doing?I’m totally crapping here…Anyhoo…

The 1 week at DBKL for Whoa Willow! was bearable with the help of my friends--the stage crews. They made me feel happy and not scared (the place is creepy!!) and I am glad that although there were moments of utter boredom, with them there making me laugh,it was A-okay. They are such a lively bunch and I’m glad that they were there and they weren’t being pretentious or ‘poyo’ at all with each other.I can’t wait to have a day out with all of them soon, and just laugh and laugh and have fun. With the many assignments and quizzes, I think all of us need a break from it and just chill!!!To my friends who are in the plan, let’s bring many delicious foods and enjoy a day under the sun with each other.No boyfriends or girlfriends allowed. It is a day for friends only!!