A firm believer of...

Sunday, March 09, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Most of the time,being loved is just enough.It's enough for me.No material things can compare with being hugged or kissed by the one you love.Trust me.When I am down or sad,I always ask for hugs from my close friends and they are there to give the warmest hugs to me.I do not need material things to have fun either.I could be at such a boring place and broke but with my crazy friends being there and making me laugh,it seems like the best place in the world to be at.For god's sake,up until I got my white viva from my dad, I take the bus mini to class with my friends and I like it.But yeah,the waiting kinda sucks sometimes.Though I am sure some people does not know that it still exist.The point is,at the end of the day,love is all you need.It can come in so many forms.Being love by your parents,by your friends,an act of kindness from a stranger can make you feel it too..I'll take a warm hug and a kiss any day over a Blumarine dress.^_^