I am so sad!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Sometimes you pretend to be happy because you just don’t want other people around you to feel the sadness that you are feeling. I was happy at first, helping with the preparation and all… But yeah, now I am dreading the months to come. Although I have known about it for a month now, it never struck to me that that she will really be leaving. In my head I was like,”Lama lagi”…But then when I know the exact date of the day they’ll be leaving..I was like..NO!!!!!!!!!! I was just happy to be the first to know and just helped her out with the preparations and all. On one hand, I am so happy for her, on the other hand, I am so sad because it means that next semester will never be the same for me. I am glad though that I have someone who will make me happy when she leaves. But still, just like I said, it’ll never be the same. How will it when she is the one among my many friends who really understands me and she keeps all of my secrets and despite of my previous mistakes, she still accepts me. I am sooo gonna miss you babe!!! But at least you will be able to celebrate my birthday with me before you leave right???