I don't like being fooled!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

What is the purpose of April Fool anyway???

Here's the link that kind of explain about it.


The award of the biggest prankster this year goes to Freaky(or his real name is Firdaus Putra).
It's not funny boy to scare me that way!!!
This morning as I got out of the shower,I received this message from him stating that Firdaus Putra Ariffin has passed away around 10 pm last night...mestila I dengan mamai & blurnyer terkejut & panik!!
I was like,why only now did his housemates tell me about it?Cos I know them and I started to almost hyperventilate,nak nangis semua...
I was like,okay,try calling his cell cause I asssumed that his housemate was the one sending the message to everyone to inform of his 'death'.I calmed myself down and a thousand thoughts was running through my head....

So I called his cell and lo and behold,he answered.That's when I remembered that today is the 1st of April!!!!He was laughing and I was like..thanks!!!
What the heck is that joke?Staging your own death?Nasib jantung tak lemah.If not sure I heart attack nyer!


Anonymous said...

erghh..that is a rather provoking prank..x takut ke..??some things are better left untouched..x baik la pranking bout death..
ishkkk..btw Li I can't imagine ur dumbfounded face..haha

Liyana said...
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Liyana said...

hahaha..serious i tertipu time tuh...
giler blur & mamai...

saru said...

ganas la tipooo tuuu.

nak ikuta toma?

I'm not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



buruk gila her dumbfound face. haha. kiddin!