I wonder........

Tuesday, March 04, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I am the kind of girl who has a very open mind.But I know that not all people are as open minded as me and my friends are.I have many guy friends and I'm pretty close to a few of them but that does not mean there's anything more going on there.But to the naked eye,when they see my guy friends braiding my hair(again,they're not gay!they are just fun loving ppl),flat iron my hair(they are such sweet guys)or being sweet to me or jokingly flirting with me,they think that we're more than that.NOT!Most of them have their own girlfriends.Besides,I will never go beyond the element of friendship because to me, a guy and girl can just be friends.I know who I am inside.I know who I like.I have told him and he knows.And I hope that despite the fact that he sees the closeness between me and my guy friends,he won't think that there's anything more going on.We just love to joke around and have fun.I don't see the harm in that.I'm glad that I have this big bunch of friends who just love to have fun,joke around,do silly things and they can even make the most mundane activity fun.Oh yeah,all of us,I mean ALL of us just love to take pictures together...hahaha.I love my friends so much!!!