Ili's Engagement Ceremony

Sunday, March 30, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Ili is one of my schoolmates back in SMK Sek 9 when I was in Form 3.But after Form 3,I move to Seremban.And I haven't had any contact with her except ocassionally on Friendster.We used to talk on the phone during Form 4 and Form 5 but once I entered uni,I didn't contact her at all.People just get busy with their own life and they forgot about other people and that was me...But it doesn't mean that I totally forgot about her,it's just that I didn't get the chance to hangout with her anymore,let alone any of my close schoolmates back in Seremban during my SPM years.All of them are scattered across Malaysia.

So today,I went to Ili's engagement ceremony with my friend Napisah.And I was in awe over everything.She's still the same jovial and warm person that I used to hang out with back when I was 15.But the engagement ceremony was very lavish.Ili's parent are Datuk and Datin after all,but they are still as humble as ever.Her engagement 'baju' was designed a month ago and the designer was even there.There was a buffet of nasi briyani for the guests.People got small gifts for coming.And Ili looked radiant.Her fiance came and took picture with her family and her.I manage to take some pictures with the happy couple too.

She told me that I'm thin now because she saw my profile pic on Friendster and she was not sure if she was seeing wrong or did I really lose weight.I told her that being busy with assignments make you forget to eat sometimes.And stress and other things as well...: (

I came a bit late but I manage to catch up with her and talk about her fiance',her life now,my life now..Ili,I can't wait for your wedding ceremony next!!!!