I've been thinking...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This upcoming Sunday,a friend of mine whom I have known since Form 3,Ili,will get engage to a guy that she love so much.
I am so happy for her!I can't wait to see her & catch up after not seeing her in such a long time....I still recall back when were 15 when I used to call her Ili Poyo & she called me Mon( it's short for u knw what laaa..haahah).During PMR examination, we always have lunch at her house while her bibik cook for us...sigh..I miss those days when we were young and innocent and free..hehehe.Can't believe that she's all grown up and getting engage and she'll probably,insyallah get married soon.She's the first among my friends to get engage and I wish her all the happiness in the world between her and her soon to be fiance. It made me wonder about the state that I'm in.I'm 21 and I have never,get this,never ever have been in a serious relationship before...I'm still looking for the happiness that I see some of my friends have manage to achieve from it....sigh..Only time will tell right?

Ili,I can't wait to see you this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!