A very funny night

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Last friday,after a day that was very tiring..from morning till night I was at the faculty(morn:BEL meeting,afternoon:PTE class,then Explorace runthrough,then at night it was the PMFP meeting/photoshoot)..me and my 2 girlfriends went to Sunway and capping of the night with a meal somewhere in Subang.Where pork and alcohol was everywhere, but I didn't give in to any of it...hahaha.Had yummy mozarella grilled sandwich..yummy!So,as we were heading back to my car,guess what covered my windshield and the roof of my car???It's green,yellow & white in colour and it looked so damn gross!!

Have you guessed what it is?.......

It's fucking bird poop!That's what it is....It was so gross okay!!!This mind sound so 'blonde' but I never thought that bird poop that much 'awal-awal pagi'.It was like 1 am sumthing kot!Bodo giler laa.Nak gak berak merata2.I was soo damn gross out because my brand new car tu haven't 'kena' any bird poop since the 2 months that I have been driving it.Suddenly,it got hit with like 1 year worth of bird poop in one night!!

So since Izza was driving that night,she had to endure the birdpoop 'menganggu-ing' her vision while driving.But then she stopped at Shell and both me & Izza tried to wash it off using that wiper thingy that they have at petrol station(oh,BTW sori to who ever had to use the windshield wiper next...cos'..hahaha).But Tatie stayed in the car because she said she was 'jijik'(ciss!!hahaha).So I was going alll ewwwwwww,gross & everything, while trying to clean it up.But can you imagine how much bird poop there was on the roof???There was a lot.And Izza couldn't stop laughing at me because I was so gross out that I was practically jumping in disgust while cleaning it up and pouring water on my car(oh,BTW,I just wash,vacuumed & waxed my car after class in the afternoon but then suddenly it rained heavily & on that same day my car got hit by tonnes of bird poop..can you imagine how frustrated I was???) in the attempt of getting rid of the poops.The scene was just very funny.Tatie said that she felt like she was watching a video clip since me & Izza was laughing and talking on the outside while she was in the inside,listening to the songs from my cd's & she can't hear a thing what we're saying.
Basically, I felt like shooting,roasting,"cekik",strangling all the damn birds that had pooped on my car that morning!!!It was just so damn gross people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha