Weird guys...

Sunday, March 30, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Number of friends request on Myspace that I haven't approve: 453

Isn't that crazy???I hate all those 'gatal' messages that you get from Myspace guys.It's like Myspace is full of horny guys unlike Friendster or Facebook.Like,do you expect me to reply your messages or something?NOT!It's so shallow la because they take a look at my profile picture and then they decided to add me whadya think Myspace is?Internet dating service or sumthin?I have all these online accounts so that I can keep in touch with my old school friends...not for me to be harrased by the likes of you.

Although Friendster is quite 'clean' but I had this one very scary incident whereby a guy whom I have no connection with whatsoever,who's not even my friend,grab one of my profile pic and put it on his page..making it look like I'm his gf because all the other pics are pics of his family members during Raya!How fucking twisted is that?And of course he had the messaging option disabled so I couldn't message him & told him to take my picture out of his profile..But I have stopped photo grabbing from my profile though it will be hard for my friends that wants to put pics of me on their profile..haih..The world is filled with freaks people!