Sy semakin bulat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 Liyana Hanim 11 Comments

After many attempts of trying to watch 27 dresses,I finally was able to watch the anticipated movie yesterday!hehehe.And although me and my friends got in like 20 mins through the movie,it was worth it!!!I heart James Marsden..hehehe

I am still trying to find the 'hikmah' in the movie because after many failed attempts to watch it I was like,there must be a sign somewhere in the movie for me...hehehe.Whatever it is,I'm glad I was finally able to watch it...

And I was so glad that I got to hang out with Hani,Hanna & Napz yesterday, after haven't been doing so in a long time..Everybody is so busy all the time..But wish Mak(Farhana) could have join us too.Izza joined us too and we went to Sunway(how many times last week have I been there?But I still haven't finish exploring the new wing..hehehe) and then to Bukit Raja for the movie(thankfully I booked at both Sunway and Bukit Raja..just in case we lost track of time...hehehe)

Oh,on that same day,I found my wallet which I had lost a few days ago(on Thursday to be exact).Thank you so much for the good samaritan who found it near the parking lot(I must have accidentally drop it out of my car) and gave it to the pakguard.I had already made a police report on Friday because I searched all over the house for it(I thought I had left it at home) and was feeling hopeless.But on Monday after I went to a school in Damansara with Ad, he told me to ask the pakguard because it might be with them if anyone find them.And yes,he was right!Thanks bro!!

I was so glad that I jumped with joy.The money in it was so little but the most important thing was my MyKad,my driving license,3 ATM cards and an old picture of my parents.Sigh.I am so so so thankful to whoever that good samaritan was!!!!

Now it's study leave but yeah I haven't crack open the books yet..hehehe.Been working at schools with Ad and eating unhealthily.My diet lately consists of Subway,J Co & Mc D....So need to get back on track with eating healthily!!!And start doing Pilates again after more than a month of not doing it...hehehe..Or any form of exercise for that matter...damn!Getting chubbier by the minute and seconds..

People who doesn't like to try different kind of hair products..don't read this:

I have been loyal to Pantene and Redken hair products but now I have discovered Tresseme Salon Silk and it is absolutely fabulous!But I have to admit that it still can't beat Redken's Smooth Down.Although Tresseme is much cheaper than Redken...a bottle of Redken Smooth Down that my mum bought for me was RM55 a bottle while Tresseme that I bought with my money was only RM15!

P/S:It's proven that KJ(Khairy Jamaludin) is HOT!Although people claim he is devious and even if he is,he's till HOT!!!!Me,Izza & Tatie agrees to it completely......hehehehe.


Tatie said...

dia memang hot walaupun dia agak bersayap kiri. wah, bolehkah saya buat kutukan terbuka di sini?

Anonymous said...

KJ is hot? gosh.. you guys better go for eye- med check up. Kj? Kj?? Whyyyyyyy??? why KJ??? nooooo!

Anonymous said...

27 dresses sgt best..
huhuhu..owh James Marsden is actually cyclop in X-men..bru perasaan..
owh thank god da jumpa blik ur purse..

Liyana said...

yesh die hot!!!heheehe
KJ hot la moja!!!

Liyana said...

mmg la die cyclop!!!

yupzzz thank god sum1 found my wallet & gave it 2 d pakguard...

Anonymous said...

HOT?? .....*pengsan... nenong nenong....

Tatie said...

beliau hot oke?

KJ? Kelana Jaya hot? memang la. kan sekarang ni global warming. apa daa~

(hi hi. gelak secara senyap-senyap di belakang pintu kerana tahu perkara sebenar)

Anonymous said...

Kelana Jaya IS hottt! Khairy 'hairy' Jamaludin is not... Hahahahaha... (gelak dibelakang pintu toilet)

Liyana said...

de2...die hot laaa
blueeekkkkk(to moja & izza yg ske main nyorok2)

Anonymous said...

i say I'm the hottest..
nk men nyorok2 gak..
hmmm..(gelak di atas katil diselimuti selimut..)