An enriching experience

Thursday, April 03, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Today was a very enriching day for me.I got to helped out my super senior Adlan,with Knowledge Discovery which is under Staedtler.It was a reminiscence of sort when I went to the 2 schools today because it has been a long time since I set foot on a primary school.It was so much fun seeing the reaction on the kid's faces during Ad's presentation on how pencil's are made and how eager all of them was while they were answering the questions to get the prizes that Staedtler has provided for them.They are all so cute!!!I just love little kids.Feels like I want to pinch each and everyone's cheek.

The first school,which shall remain nameless,had very the 'garang' male teachers because when the kids were getting into the hall,all 3 of the male teachers was being all dictator like to the boys..I was saying to myself like,why are they being so hard on them?They are only kids.Right?But, halfway through Ad's presentation and when they were being so noisy in wanting to answer the questions that were given,I was like...maybe the teacher's wasn't being to 'Hitler' like.But still,putting a boy in a corner was harsh to me.I guess I'm just a big softie.

After all the presentation, and the Q & A session,this 2 boys were helping out the teacher to pack up the LCD and stuff.They are bestfriends & I can tell because throughout Ad's presentation,they were sitting next to each other and the other friend was sad that his friend manage to get picked by Ad to answer one of the questions and got a prize.And adding salt to the wound(ceh...hehehe),his friend class,won during the question session whereby students can discuss with their classmates to get the best possible answer.So he didn't get anything while his friend got 2 prizes.As both of them were sitting on the stage,waiting for Ad,me & Izza to pack things up so that they can clear the table & chairs...I picked one of the extra prizes & gave one to him.Because, he is a good boy,helping out and everything and my heart just can't take it seeing him sitting next to his friend who is all happy with his prizes.Plus,both of them looked so cute.Like a commercial of 2 guy bestfriends.And the fact that both of them are not from the same class...comel la!!!hehe.Yeah,I love kids..Can't you tell?

Today Izza said this one liner out of the blue to me when we were at the second school, " Somehow I picture you as becoming a ballerina teacher...Because you're all proper and la la la...".Yup,she meant that I can be too sugarplum fairy-like-everything is right in the world,positive things yada2...hahaha.But you know,I do worry about a certain someone...though that person doesn't know so.Something that was revealed to me,today about that person's life that just made me wish that I had known about it from him instead of other people.But everyone has their pride right?


Anonymous said...

u went to school..
cis..naper x gtaw..!
I wanna go and meet those cute kids..!

'super' ballet teacher!