Feel so lazy to crack open my books...muehehehe

Friday, April 25, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Tomorrow morning is my Principle of Testing and Evaluation finals..But I seriously don't feel like studying...LOL.

Went to the Loreal Warehouse sale after goin to PK with Izza.It was my first time going & Izza's mum has been there before and heard that the bargain is great.
So of we went and of course we got lost but manage to find the place in the end!Yesss
There were many people but not as packed as we thought it would but parking was hard to find.

As I got in,I was in products heaven!!
Man it's seriously cheap okay?I saw my hair curler spray thingy goin for like rm15 jer...
And me and Izza didn't bring lots of cash.....uwaaaaaaaaaaaa
But I manage to buy some stuff but yeah,wish I could buy everything!
And to top it all of,today was the last day...

On the way back to SA,something scary happened.
Saw a motorcyclist dead on the road.
Like with blood gushing out on the road.
And the body was covered in black plastic and it was beside me...
Seriously felt like I was in a scene from Jangan Pandang Belakang...
Told Izza bout it but she didn't watch JPB so she didn't understand...
But seriously,to my friends who ride the motorcycle,please be careful.
The person who hit him rode a car and I can't imagine how he must felt at that time..knowing he just accidentally killed someone.....scary!!!


Anonymous said...

u have got quite interesting stuffs coming up lah.. best of luck

Liyana said...

finals are not interesting ar all!!!

hey,u used the word lah
but when i read ur blog..it seems like ur frm maldives?

thanks for d luck!

yea it was like make up haven for the women. the boyfriends/husbands/guy friends who came stood on the sides looking very dazed at the madness before their eyes.