A good day!

Thursday, April 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Sometimes life can be a bitch but it all becomes bearable with good friends by your side who makes you happy when you're down.And who knows the real you.I'm really thankful that I have them in my life.

Last night I drove aimlessly with my 4 friends in the car after eating at 2 places and gossiping...hahaha
...As they were singing 'sumbangly' at the back,I was laughing my ass of at their 'keperasanan mcm artis'...muahahahah

Today,woke up pretty late...Suddenly was shocked when Ad asked me to go to Ulu Kelang and come back and had to go at that moment..
Of course la it was after 12 and me and my friends haven't even bathe yet...muahaha
So I was like give us an hour plz??
He was like,no!We have to go right now...
I was like,30 mins can?
Okay..But as all 3 of us have almost siap,he called saying xjd plaks...
Cos mr.tarzi dh amek kn the lcd at ulu kelang...huhuhu

So,went to lunch with the girls since the boys xbangun when we called em...hahah
(Kantoi bangun lmbt dr kiteorg!!!)

After lunch,suddenly I felt like going to Putrajaya
So of we went!!Ikimasho

Found the perfect place for our plan...hehehe

Went back to SA & head off to PK cos Izza had an appoinment
But when we went there,twas after office hours...kui2
So he already went home

As we head out of maincamp..Tatie was the one driving
There was this dude
On his bike
As Tatie drove out & was waiting behind other cars
To u-turn,
the dude with his stripe shirt,
waved at me
cos i was sitting at the passenger seat
and he wave with the brightest smile
and there were 2 of his friends on another bike
as they sped off to sect 7,he turn his face
and wave again
which made his friends on the other bike
playfully push him(tats dangerous!)
cos he was being silly
but he was awfully cute!
he made my day with his smile
two witness was in the car with me
and yeppp they agreed that he's cute...^_^


Tatie said...

admit it..
a bitch life becomes bearable when the dude with his stripe shirt
waved at you!
betol tak?
betol tak?
love u! mwamwa..

and2..the 'sumbangness' was only from the back seat kan??
acad, moja ngan izza tak pandai nyanyi!

GossipGuy said...


Tlong sket!! Our golden voice ni jadi rebutan ramai!!!
(kecuali Izza)

acad suara best said...

bitch will always be bitch..
x de kene mengena pom..
btw kami bleyh form a band ok..
Izza jadik back up singer ngan moja..
n yes of coz I'm the lead..

P/s: Li jelus coz she was driving n could not sing along with us..

Anonymous said...

i think hes waving to tell you to wash ur car....
n his frends kicked him to tell him that its not polite...
acad n moja tak tau singing dulu jek
skarang dah makin expert 'menyumbangkan' lagu...