Home sweet home

Saturday, April 19, 2008 Liyana Hanim 10 Comments

Aaaaahhhh...what a relief...After more than a month of not going back home to Puncak Alam,I'm back here yesterday...

I miss my room,my tv and especially my super duper comfy bed!!!!hehehe
When I unlocked my bedroom door( it is always locked by me mum because I have 2 nosy younger brothers in the house...teehee),imagine my surprise when it's CLEAN & IMMACULATE...hahahaah

My room before this is a mountain of books,clothes & dvd's.Izza can vouch for that because she has sleepover before and she has many times told me that she wanted to 'decorate' my room which I think is a subtle way in telling her bestfriend that she needs to give it a makeover..hahaha

So imagine my amazement when after more than a month of not going home,I find that my room is spick and span...
Of course it was all thanks to my mum who cleaned it all up for me....hehehe.Thanks mama!!!I love you!!!!!
But she also throw away some of my old clothes(I'm a pack rat!) that she deemed were too crazy or whatever laaa....which I don't care pon since all of the current stuff that I wear is at my grandma's house where I live currently..
It's just great being up in my room,watching dvd's on MY tv,on MY bed after such a long time...
And after days of sleeping not more than 4 or 5 hours..today I woke up at precisely 1.30 pm after a looong doze to lala-land & took my lunch..hehehe.
It's great having parents who don't mind me waking up late...^_^

This goes to show how busy my life is this semester because even after 3 years of studying in uni,I always make a point to go back to my parents house atleast once every 2 weeks.
Actually I have more things to blog about..but I can't remember...

Just finished watching the Japanese dorama 'Operation Love' or in Japanese it's Proposal Daikusen' a few minutes ago & the last episode,where Kenzo-kun expresses his feelings during Rei's wedding made me cry after I haven't cried for weeks!!!Overall it was an okay dorama but I guess because the storyline is different than other dorama's & plus,I didn't really like the vague ending...Ja,mata kimasu!!


Anonymous said...

Ish... Nampak sgat xkemas bilik! Hahahaha! It's good to be at home sometimes. I don't really know when gonna go home. I love being at home, but I hate the almost 4-hours journey! Geez!

p/s: Next time, don't torture ur mom that way! Hahahaha!

Liyana said...

4 hours???kedah is it?

hey..i didn't torture my mum!!
she likes to clean the house & decorate instead of cooking...

tats y when m home,i have to cook cos i cook better than she does...she's the one who admits it to ppl tat i cook better than her...hehehehe.she's a modern housewife after all...

Anonymous said...

Perak laa..

So, I hope I had a private jet to go back.. Sheeesh.. Hahaha! You can cook?? (boley caye ke?) Hahaha :)

Liyana said...

of course la boley!!!huhu
i dunno if u went or nt but Lepak with Ethos last semester tuh,d bbb chicken ws my recipe kay!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...erm.. I don't really know how it taste like. Soooo... why don't you bring us, the Surias your homecook meal sikit... Hahahahahha...
Only then I believe.. Hahahahaha!! :P

Liyana said...

if sum1 would pay d grocery bills senang laaa..hehehe

nanti laa when i'm super-free i'll make my spaghetti&meatballs fr u guys aight!

Anonymous said...

arghhhh spagetti meatball..
how long have I've been craving for it..!!
n btw reading ur post makes me feel homesick..terribly..
4 ur info I haven't got back home since the last hari raya puasa..
raya aji pom x blik..sob..sob..

Liyana said...

oowhhh acad yg ske x-men & power rangers...poor you laa!!!
gler dh lame xbalik kelate..huhuhu

Tatie said...

knock2 peeps.
this is not a chatroom..
ahahhahaha =P

u should learn to tidy up ur room missy!
u're gonna be a wife one day..
well unless ur husband is a cleany type of person, u better start putting ur hands on untidy beds!

p/s: moja, do u clean up ur own room? hahaha

Liyana said...

tatie....kamu ni mmg ske kenakn sy kn???hehehe
mish u babe!!!
i'm back in shah alam nih..
tgh pinjam lappy kak hani..hahaha

tu laa my husband has to be sum1 neat because i'm so not!!!LOL