How can I pretend anymore?

Monday, April 28, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I can't pretend anymore.
I can't pretend that I like you.
When I really don't.
I can't pretend that I want you in my life
When I really don't.
I can't pretend to be nice.
I can't.

After all the hypocrite 'masks' of some people have been revealed to me and my friends,I fear that I might turn into one of them someday.Because of the things that I mentioned above.

I'm only human and although I try to be nice to everyone,there are some people that I wish were not even in my life.


Anonymous said...

Well Li,
we are wearing mask..
we have to be be pretentious sometimes in this demanding world..
but whenever I hang out with u guys n gals..I can be myself..I can scream and I can laugh hard..I can do silly things..
that's great when sometimes I can put off my mask..

P/S:I'm Scott Summer sometimes..

we can try, but we cant hit the right spot every time :)

Liyana said...

Yupz tats rite izza,we can try..
but sometimes i get tired of trying...huuhu
u don't have 2 wear a mask when ur with us kay!!