I miss adjudicating!!!!!!!

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On the 15-16 of March,UiTM held the National Novice Debate Tournament and I wasn't able to adjudicate or helped out because I was involve with some activities at my faculty on those 2 days...But when I read this e-mail,it makes me miss adjudicating so bad!!You guys are mean for making me miss it by sending me this e-mail... : (
Oh,poor Fareez for that POI thing..wish I was there to see the look on his face..hahaha.

Presenting the most jar-dropping, heart-pounding, knee-jerking,
breath-taking statements of the National Novice Debate Tournament 2008
organized by UT MARA from the 15-16 March.

No exaggeration, No lies, just plain truth.

Caution : May induce constant forehead-slapping. ..

Motion : THW allow the use of performance- enhancing drugs in sports.

Govt : "This debate is about whether or not we would allow athletes to
take aspirin the night before a tournament to cure headache."
Rebuttal: headache only? fever?? period pain?? genital herpes?! - they
are not inclusive and discriminate against different sickness...

2. Motion : THW ban zoos.

Govt : "We should ban zoos because humans think. Animals don't!" (and.....?)

Govt : "We would only ban BAD zoos." (the yardstick for bad is: The
price, The smell, The cage, and the number of endangered animals)

3. Motion : THW include the 3rd-world countries in the fight
against Global Warming.

Opp : "We want to preserve Global Warming!" (We do?!!")

4. Motion : THW allow the use of torture on terrorists.

Opp: "Why would you want to torture terrorists? Do you want them to go crazy?"

Govt : "How can you say that all the crazy people are terrorists? Have
you SEEN any crazy terrorists?" (This is exactly the point where

Opp : "We would not torture terrorists, but we would put them in
counselling and advise them. Also, we would show them the pictures of
their families, and ask if they really love them..." (Hmmm...Terrorist
Anonymous... .very original, indeed!)

Govt : "We would use the truth serum on terrorists. What exactly is
the truth serum? It is a substance that will make the terrorists
subconciously confess." (Oh, we usually call it booze.)

6. THW abolish all race-based affirmative action in Malaysia.

Opp : "There is very limited rights to be given out. If we give the
rights to the Indians, what about the

Malays?" (Basic economic principle, guys)

Opp : "When your parents fall in love, they get married and go on a
honeymoon. There, they will have sex. In the process, the sperms will
race to get the ovum. But only one sperm will succeed, which is the
strongest sperm. So it deserves the ovum."

(Translation : Only the best race deserves affirmative action...
Thanks for the details, though!)

Opp : "The Chinese and the Tamil must understand the priviliges that
the Malays enjoy." (uhh...Tamil is a LANGUAGE, Aerie...Opps, no names,
my bad!)

...Randomest TM Statements.. .

Govt : "The Government of Malaysia is stupid."

Opp : "How can you say the Government is stupid? You ARE the
Government!! " (Yeah, like DUH!)

Govt : "Nothing in the world is free. You even have to pay 20 cents to
pee." (The most logical analogy...and hey, it rhymes too..)

Qayser : POI!

Opp : Sit down, sir. I know you're good looking.

Aerie : POI!

Opp : You too, sir. I know you're good looking, too.

Fareez Shah : POI!

Opp : Please sit dowm.

Fareez Shah : Mr speaker, let me state how disappointed i am that the
opposition failed to recognize the other good looking man in this

Opp : "We as the opposition today will ACTUALLY oppose the motion."
(REALLY...?? )

Opp : POI!

Govt : Sit down.

Opp : Shame!

Govt : Shame on you too cuz you are like a child who's mumbling
through his POI! (oooh...personal)