Just a thought

Thursday, April 10, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today got me thinking about how unreliable and irresponsible some people can be at times.
I loathe people who goes 'woe is me and my life'and blaming everything on circumstances.You can decide whether to make your life better or not because there is always a way to solve every problems and that depends on how hard you look for it instead of sitting on your ass and hoping that a fucking miracle will come and save you.

Wake up and smell the coffee!This is life kot!Nothing is perfect and you're suppose to live in the NOW!Not dwelling in the past, living in fear of making mistakes(oh btw,people make mistakes everyday!!!It's how you learn from the mistakes that makes you stronger and wiser...duh!!!),stop using your past bad memories as an excuse to stop you from moving forward.You think that life is hard for you?Hello,there are millions of other people out there who wish that they can have the family and friends that you have and they'll even be thankful if they have a roof above their head as shelter..

Please be more responsible and stop,just stop creating more problems for yourself.Take responsibility for the mistakes that you make,fix it before it's too late,own up to it because I don't know what I should do to help you and God knows,it's so hard to reach you that I'm thinking of giving up on you once and for all.