Looking from another person's perspective

Friday, April 18, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I had a talk recently with someone and it changed my perception on the whole dating thing.Ironically,he is a guy but it makes total sense when he explained it to me...I have had friends who lives for the dating game and it makes me sick sometimes..But maybe it's because I fail to see it from their perspective...So after the talk a few days back,it made me rethink the perceptions that I had toward some people.I'm beginning to see it in a different manner altogether...

It is okay to date many guys if you have told them beforehand that you have no intention of getting into anything serious nor you want to have a relationship with any of them.If the guy fails to understand that,then it's not your fault right?I mean,when you think about it...you are not married,you are young and life is too short..So what is wrong with having many options right?But I hope that for others who are playing the field please don't lead people on,as in making them think that you want something more when you clearly don't inside..get it?

Play safe people!! ; )

P/S:Just to annoy Moja---KJ as in Khairy Jamaluddin is still hot to me!!hehehe


Anonymous said...

Play safe?? tu bukan Durex's tagline ke?

KJ???? Aduhh.... why??? Whyyyyy????? Why not PakLah je?? Hahahahaha...

Liyana said...

hehehe..yup actually it's the durex tagline..tp one of tesl student named Zafi,used tat line to me and my friends instead of saying d plain bye-bye..
i thought tat it's hilarious..Lol

Pak lah???xnk laaa
baek Tun Dr.M!!

yeah, love is not a game. however, it is a battlefield. note the difference.