Malas tapi memeningkan....

Thursday, April 03, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Sometimes you just can't figure out a person although you have tried too..many many times over the course of a few years.You debated about it with your friends every semester,they are puzzled too,you try your best to figure it out...but in the end,you're like...mampus laa.Malas nak pikir.But sometimes you can't help but go..why do that person act like that?Perlu ker??

Why the need to garner so much attention?So desperate like okay....The word that I'll use to describe that person is shady & gatal.Seriously gatal...huhuhu.Why can't you just be yourself?Your fine the way you are.Tak payah nak fake2 like what you are doing now.Being all...euugghhhh.Mengelikan okay!


Anonymous said...

who's the one who kacau you this time Li..let me poke his/her eyes..!