My dream job will be.............

Thursday, April 17, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I think I might have found my dream job.I always thought that I wanted to become an editor for a fashion magazine that I would create for Malaysia because most of Malaysia's fashion magazine's are crappy.Or I would become a journalist or a writer/author.But then I just realize.My dream job would be a beauty editor.I guess that is why I love reading Teen Vogue's Beauty Editor blog so much.Her job is so cool!She gets to try so many different beauty products before it hit the market.

And believe me,I have many,many beauty products from various brands.My skincare regime consist of 5 different skincare brand.Seriously.I use Neutrogena for my facial wash.Loreal for my toner and sunscreen.Olay for my day and night cream.And Garnier for my eye cream.Lastly,I use Healing Gamat for the occasional zit.Don't even get me started on how many hair products I have..At last count I think I have more than 10...ooopss.Currently I'm using 2 shampoos( Tresemme Salon Silk and Redken Smooth Down) and I alternate according to days...and I've read that you need to switch your shampoos because your hair will get so used to it after awhile and it will not work wonders no more!Yeah,a lil bit excessive.I just love buying beauty products laaa!!!hehehe.Also you should see my huge make-up bag..teehee.My friends love asking me to make them up for events & I love doing so!hehehe

The most I have spend at Watson on products was RM200++.And my mum paid for it of course and I felt guilty for awhile, but as soon as I got home and got to try the products...the guilt goes whoosh...out of the window!

Just awhile ago,I went to Bodyshop and bought the Lip & Cheek stain( I didn't ask for a bag!!Yeay saving the environment little by little) and then I went to Watson with my girls after dinner and bought St.ives Apricot scrub and Clay firming now I have a total of 6 brands for my skincare...BUT,I bought it using the money that I got working with Ad!So proud of myself because I manage to NOT ask extra money from my parents for a few weeks and I have started buying beauty products using the money that I earn(I don't take PTPTN& my scholar money under Yayasan S'gor was used to pay for my car's downpayment..).I saw so many new things at Watson that I want to buy!!As I read the list of products that I want to buy soon, to Izza,she was like "Banyaknya!"...But I was's fun trying all the products..and it hit me at that time...that I should become a Beauty Editor!!

Okay this is totally bimbz of me but I want to!!!
Here's the list of beauty products that I want to buy soon:

1.Binari Lulur scrub(the one that contains rice I think)
2.Maybelline Angelfit foundation( tried it & it's so light)
3.Maybelline Unstoppable mascara(I'm loyal to Sky High Curves since form 4 but it's time to switch it up!)
4.This cucumber looking eye pad..dun remember the brand
5.The new Elseve gloss spray
6.Loreal Fix &Shine hairspray(mine dh habis!!)
7.Rosken Dry Cream(so so good for your skin!Mine dh habis gakssss)

And so many more but I don't want to look more bimbz here...hehehehe
Don't want to take Izza's Bimbz crown(which was given by the gr8 Herbert!)...LOL!!!


Tatie said...

entry ni BOSAN! =P
saye tak suka produk kecantikan.

Liyana said...

Sy suka produk kecantikan...blueekkkk!!!
(sambil merenung tatie yg sedang tido nyenyak dlm dakapan teddy bear yg d'beri buah hatee nyaaa...^_^)

weyh!!! the only beauty product i need right now is H2O!!!! very dehydrated!

Anonymous said...

byk nyer..!!
weyh Li, whenever u got ur dream job in the near future..don't forget to ask me to write something in ur mag ok..
I could be a freelancer 4 ur mag..
yeay..da dapt keje..!