My favorite fashion/lifestyle magazine in the world

Saturday, April 05, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

My utmost favorite fashion magazine in this whole wide world is InStyle magazine.And get this,I have been buying it since I was in form 3 back when it was RM 25 per magazine(now it's RM 18.50).

I just love everything about the magazine.The layout,the content,the interviews,the pictures and even the adverts are just perfect.Sadly,there is no fashion/lifestyle magazine in Malaysia that can compare to it even the slightest.Although there is one or two okay fashion magazines in Malaysia,their content,the things that they display in it can't be afforded by every women in Malaysia.

I can never resist buying the magazine whenever I go to the bookstore.Never!!hehehe.I savour every page of the magazine when I buy it and right now am still perusing the April 2008 issue.It's worth every cent.