People sometimes amaze me

Thursday, April 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 10 Comments

There are many type of people in this world
People of different belief
People of different ideologies
People of different races

But it's unfortunate that in this world
There are people who refused
To accept that everybody is different
And unique in their own way
Nobody is perfect
Except the Almighty
And who are we to judge others?

Unfortunately again,there are people
Who find pleasure
In dissing others
In bashing others

And there are others
Who use religion as an excuse
To 'advice' others
Because they 'care' about their friends
When in fact,they fail to look at their own faults
They fail to see that they too have made mistakes
But they aren't able to see it
Instead they find other people mistakes
And point it out for others to see
Who's the sinner here?

It's laughable
It's hilarious

I have no idea how these kind of people will survive
In the real world
A world outside of their group
A world where whether we want to or not,
You will be faced with people who are different than you
Who you may not agree with their beliefs or they way they lead their life

And I can't wait for that day to come...


Anonymous said...

Losers will remain as losers if they think that losing is the best trend. We won't be affected by the words they said. We rock in our very own way!

Acad the Flashy! said...

its whether they fail to see their own blunder or they really don't want to see it..
they always search for others differences and turn them into reasons for them to dash us!
and they use it as a reason of the term 'care'..and 'advice'
I wonder..
Is it care/advice??
or perhaps..

Liyana said...

jealousy because they have such boring and pathetic lives...
our lives however...are filled with great friends,adventures and laughters..hehehe

Liyana said...

like gossip girl said

"You're nothing until you're talked about"

keep that in mind my peeps!

Tatie said...

manusia typical seperti ini perlu pergi ke neraka.

these people all need a holiday!

Liyana said...

yupzz izza!!!
or they need a chill pill
or prozac or xanax...hahaha
or we shoot them with a tranquilizer..kui2
jom gi pakli!!!

Anonymous said...

correction... Prophet Muhammad is a perfect being...
those kinda ppl just want a10tion...
maybe Tatie can give them a hug someday?
theyre just some retard acting einstein...

we need to show them love. they are deprived of love. their love life sucks like school. hell, we gotta rescue these people!

Tatie said...

mari bawak mereka pergi picnic..
boleh mereka tenggelam~