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Saturday, April 12, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

1.I can only sew by hand.Because I don't know how to operate the sewing maching & plus,actually,I'm scared of it.When I was a little girl,I watched my grandma using it and it was going so fast that I wonder if her fingers might get sewn together one day while sewing...hehehe

2.I wish I had bigger boobs & smaller hips...I used to be all against plastic surgery when I was a naive high school student who had no body issues whatsoever.But as you meet many people who are more well endowed than you,you start to feel inadequate with the proportion of your body...Since plastic surgery is so damn expensive and it's haram,this is just a thought laaa..It's not like I'm gonna get new boobs or anything!

3.I can't stand the smell of jeruk and of course I don't eat any of them or be near them!Ewww....I seriously don't like them.But I'll draw the line at my family's homemade pickled mango's,buah salak & cucumber pickles(yummy on sandwiches & burgers!!urpppp).

4.I drive a whole lot better when I'm angry...hahaha.The fastest I have driven my trusty Viva on the road is 130.

5.Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and I'm good at it.No joke.And baking too!I can list down almost 50+ dishes comprising of Malay,Italian,Thai dishes that I can cook....Thanks to the influence of my maternal grandma since I was a kid.

6.I love going to the library at night when I'm free.Because there's nobody there and I can roam freely and being surrounded by so many great books to read is calming.I guess that's why ever since I was little,I have this fantasy of being accidentally locked up in MPH after the mall closes and I get to read the books in it for days..Memangla takkan jadi kenyataan!hahaah

7.I have a big sweet tooth...hehe.There's so many desserts/candies that I wish were available in Malaysia.I tried to find a candy thermometer(for controlling the temperature when boiling sugar) in stores but still zero results so I can't make my own candies...yet!!!Candies that I wish was in Malaysia are:

salt water taffy
candy corn
toffee apples
sticky toffee pudding
maple candy

8.My mom's side is Arab.My great grandfather's name is Sheikh Al-Radzi(Al-Radzi is our family name).I have Arab relatives who have their own private jet,hotels and a hospital in Taif.My Arab cousins,once came down here using their private jet okay!But I haven't seen them in God knows how long..And their Malaysian relatives are living not so wealthy here!!!sob sob sob.Oh yeah,there's been a loooong dispute over the distribution of 'harta' among our families and due to the fact that my grandpa has long past away and they're way over in Taif,they somehow manage to use our part of the money(which is a lot & the lawyers are currently handling it but it's been years kot!!) for their own benefits!Tak fair!!!!I could be living far more comfortably than I am right now if not for some of my greedy Arab uncles!!


Anonymous said...

Moja n me were formally worked at MPH..n being dealing with all the books is like I'm in heaven..got a couples of books from there for free..huhu..wish to continue working there but it was totally exhausting..

Liyana said...

wooo besh gler!!!!!!!!!!!!
way books did u buy???
sape ade buku The Kite Runner by Khaleed Hoseini???
I want to borrow..mls nk gi beli..hahah