So damn tired

Saturday, April 26, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Amount of sleep that I got since the last 39 hours= less than an hour

Today's paper was rough!!!
My friends and I were up studying at MCD from 10 pm till 5.30 am..
Many of my friends were studying at MCD too.
Hafriz,Izlin,Nazri,Niza,Firhan,Ella,Nad,Tajul,Arip & Joe...

Oh, a funny thing happen while we were there.It was around 4 am and Tatie came in to MCD (too many friends were there so some sit outside,some sit inside)
and told us that there were this group of guys who were dared by their friends,to go to MCD drivethrough while driving their car..
BACKWARDS!And they accept it!!!Hilarious!!!
So as me & my friends were queuing up to buy breakfast,
we saw the backwards White Viva(hey,that's my car's twin!!)
by the drivethrough they passed..
I looked at them and lo and behold who it was if it wasn't a bunch of my rowdy debate friends..
Tariq who's the backwards driver,
Duta in the passenger seat & Aliff in the back..munching happily...
But the car was really getting close to the railings that Duta had to fold the rearview mirror in and at last,Tariq had to turn the car and stop the backwards thing...
They must be 'studying' like we were too...LOL.

This morning at 9 am, I was 'terhuyung-hayang' while answering the questions for my PTE finals...although I had a cup of coffee beside me( in styrofoam laaa,u think I would bring a big mug into the exam hall ker?) and sweets,it was hard to stay awake but I did manage to answer the questions though I'm sure there wasn't really much matter in it...Lol

Get out of the hall like 45 minutes earlier and sleep in the car..while waiting for Izza to finish..Tatie join me later..I slept like a baby in the back seat of my car..and woke up when Izza made a sharp turn to her house...hahahaha

When we arrived at her house,the 3 of us was really2 crazy as in talking and laughing crazy..Like some people forgot that today is Saturday,not Friday!...hahahaa
that's what being sleep deprived can do to you!!
Gonna take a well deserve sleep & update in a few days!!^_^


oh man! i KNEW it was friday, uh, i mean saturday, but you know, i was multi-thinking (got this word ah?) at that time and it just slipped my mind. so it WAS saturday right?

*extreme blurness*

Anonymous said...

cant stand long blogs...
what ever ur saying...
good luck in ur final

Tatie said...

saye tertawa sampai sakit perut.
ketika ini.
hari ini hari ape izzA?