What a fraud!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I love reading other people's blog entry.I get great advice,words of wisdom,funny stories,not-so funny stories,ogle at other's fortune and many more.So last night(yes,this is a late blog entry,pardon me as I have been very busy lately),as I was relaxing while catching up on the cyberspace,I come upon a blog entry on a friend of a friend's blog.

It was about how Natasha Hudson's book of poetry(alah,yang name Pari-pari ape ntah tuu),consist of basically,poems that were written by other poets and she just translated them straight into Bahasa Melayu and claiming that she wrote it when she was a little girl.So I was intrigue by the speculation and started to search on Yahoo.I typed 'Natasha Hudson plagiarize poems'.And I clicked on the first blog that was listed on the list.

As I clicked on it,lo and behold,it was a sister of one of my senior's blog.What a small world...So I kept on reading about it and there was even a comment by Ms.Fraud(Natasha Hudson)herself stating that she did not plagiarize the poems and that it was a coincidence.Coincidence my ass!If you read her poems and the original poems it was basically a direct translation(to Tesl students mesti tau ini term!).Meaning that there's no fucking way that it was a coincidence because she translated it word for word.You think Malaysian's don't read poems ah?

Plagiarize is so wrong and it's even worse when you're making money out of it by turning it into a book!Something needs to be done...Bloggers,rejoice and blog about this.Hopefully some kind of legal action will be taken towards her.Here's some of her 'poems' and the original ones are under it...For more info about her whole fraud,read Jannah's blog entry at...


Kek Coklat
from Natasha Hudson

Saya mahu satu kehidupan,
Kamu mahu sesuatu yang lain,
Kita tidak dapat makan kek coklat,
Jadi kita makan sesama diri.

from Roger McGough

i wanted one life
you wanted another
we couldn’t have our cake
so we ate each other.

Si Kura-Kura Kecil
from Natasha Hudson

Ada seekor kura-kura kecil
tinggal di dalam kotak
berenang di tepi tasik
memanjat di atas batu

dia cuba menggigit nyamuk
dia cuba mengigit kutu

dia cuba menggigit berudu
dia cuba menggigit aku

dia berjaya menangkap nyamuk
dia berjaya menangkap kutu

dia berjaya menangkap berudu
tetapi dia tidak berjaya menangkap aku

Bandingkan dengan ini:

I Have a Little Turtle
from Nicholas Vachel Lindsay

I have a little turtle,
He lives in a box.
He swims in the water
And he climbs on the rocks.

He snapped at a minnow
He snapped at a flea

He snapped at a mosquito
And he snapped at me.

He caught the minnow,
He caught the flea,

He caught the mosquito,
But he didn’t catch me!

Mentega kuning, jelly ungu, jem merah, roti hitam
from Natasha Hudson

ratakan tebal
katakan cepat

ratakan tebal
katakan cepat

sekarang ulang
sambil kamu makan

sekarang ulang
sambil kamu makan

janganlah bercakap
bila mulut kamu penuh

Things We Like to Eat
from Mary Ann Hoberman

Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread.
Spread it thick,
Say it quick.

Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread
Spread it thicker,
Say it quicker.

Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread
Now repeat it,
While you eat it.

Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread
Don't talk
With your mouth full!


Anonymous said...

I neva know bout this Li,
I really admire the poem actually..
Ive been deceived..I really thought that she got this talent..!