What I'd rather do or be than what I'm doing right now....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

1.Go to Tuscany,Italy and stay there for weeks,months and years.Travels every nook and cranny of Italy.Meet the people,experience the great scenery and places,savor the unbelievably great food....I have many books on Italy..wish I could I go there someday...sigh..Money money money!

2.Sleep and sleep and sleep,wake up and sleep again.Sleeping is such a luxury.

3.Go on a shoe shopping spree where I can buy more than 3 pairs....beshnyerrrr

4.Sleep...did I mention sleeping again???ahakzzzz...

5.Meet Ikuta Toma and seduce him until he falls in love with me...yeay!!!hahaha

What I should & am doing right now---
1.My essay on adrian mole
2.Studying for dis morning lit paper....sighhhh


Anonymous said...

wanna go for shopping too!!!!

what i wanna do now is go to some swimming pool n swim till i grow fins on my legs

Anonymous said...

I'm back..
so I'm thinking to tag along with u to Italy..
when is the date again??

Liyana said...

jom acad!!!
kite kumpul duit
dlm 10tahun dr skang kite gi italy..hahahaha

what i want to do right now:

sit at corners of some humble streets in jamaica with 'em junkies and those poor kids. maybe make a documentary on them. or talk, just a decent plain conversation.