What a week!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Whew...Have I been busy or what???

Now,I only have my individual Japanese oral test,3 essays for Literature in the ESL classroom and PTE test construction to complete now..phewwww!!!
Actually,I should be memorizing my lines for tomorrow's Oral test since I only manage to memorize 5 lines out of 12...but I just got back from Sunway with my cousin,Afiq& Izza...feel so lazy!

Oh,and I have yet to start on my proposal for FESKEM next semester...yes I will handle the humongous task of becoming the project manager but thank God for the fact that I have many reliable friends that will be helping me with it.hehehe.The list of activities has been discussed and approved in the last PMFP's meeting.It's going to be the bomb!!

On a lighter and yummy note...after my horrendous tenping bowling 'kemahiran' test,Izza & I went to Pyramid to meet my cousin and Afiq.My cousin treat us to footlong Subway sandwich!!!Yeay!!!I chose Steak and Cheese with pickles,lettuce and onions with barbeque and thousand island sauce.Yummmy!!!!!!!!!!!!Izza picked Steak and cheese with extra cheese and mayo & chili sauce.Then after much discussion on what we should message Afiq's lecturer(long story!),we popped into J Co & bought what else,doughnuts laa!!Ooohh,I love glazy!!!So many good food today...and I also manage to do some window shopping with Izza and can't wait to buy 2 more pair of shoes when I go shopping there next week!!!!hehehehe.

Oh,on a very great note...my 2 aunts & my grandma has gone off to Alor Setar this morning and will be back on Saturday...Leaving me,my brother & my cousin here and having this mansion all to ourselves!!!Yippeeeee!!Yup it is a mansion to me...it's so big that we have 2 big unoccupied bedroom that is only occupied during Raya.hehehe.It also mean...no curfew!!!Tomorrow night I'll be having a sleepover...yeay!!!!!Since Friday only consist of 2 classes which I can skip if I want too,gonna go out with muh girlfriendsss and enjoy ourselves to the max!Life is to short to not appreciate it to the fullest!!!!!


i chose chilli sauce, mayo AND barbeque sauce. hhehe