Sunday, May 25, 2008 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

A quick shoutout b4 I go to my cousin Nadrah's engagement ceremony which starts in an hour!!!

Nadrah congratulations!!!!xoxoxo

That'll be another 1 of my cousin who's getting married...When will I find my Nathan??hehe

Both her and her fiance,Firdaus are 25 years old and they took the same course in UiTM..Here's a few pics from the ceremony..

Me&Nadrah..doesn't she look so beautiful?

My uncle's cool car which he'll be selling's so pretty&funky..hehehe.That's my lil' bro checking the interior(which is pink&yellow too!)


moja said...

orang tu bile lagik??

Liyana said...

hah..ape??ape??xdgr laaa...hahahaha

moja said...

Ceh...buat2 laa xdengar...
Nanti takxdgar seruan kawen btol2 bru taw!

Liyana said...

alaaaaa..nanti bile sampai seru mestila dgr!!!hisshhhh
we're like bru 21 kot!!!
i hav 4 mre years lg b4 i settle down...hehehe
hai moja...xsbr2 nk kawen ker???muahaha

Azzam?? said...

cisss.. cissssss... dah kawen.. terlambat!! x_x

yahhahahahah =p

Liyana said...

xkawen lg..bru tunang jer dlu..

tuh tunang org & cousin aq plaks tuh...& tunang die sgt baek orgnyer...
if ko kaco die siap r azzam!!