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I watched both One Tree Hill season 5 finale and Gossip Girl finale a few days ago.I have to say I was much more satisfied with One Tree Hill's finale..after 5 season,the show is still going strong!!!The show has manage to stay great while touching on important issues like school shooting,teenage pregnancy, and many more.And the 5th season,which happens 4 years after they graduate from high school shows how the characters deal with being a grown up.Issues like adoption,adultery,getting back on your feet (Nathan's injury made him ousted from NBA)and psycho nannies(yikes!) was brought to the table.

What a cute family!!!

But it's icky that Skills is sleeping with Nate's mum...ewww.And it's sooooo sweet seeing Mouth and Milly...they're MFEO.Nathan,Haley & Jamie are such a cute family...I keep listening to the song that Haley sang a few minutes before the finale ended,the name of the song is "Feel this" and it feature Bethany's husband's band,Enation.And wasn't it cute that Gavin deGraw sang with Jamie the OTH theme song at the start of the show,on the piano instead of the usual where they just play the song with the cast names rolling?And who is the one Lucas picked to get married in Vegas?Lindsey,Brooke or Peyton???I was dying to know because at the airport when he called someone and asked her to come to the airport and go to Vegas to get married to him,all 3 girls was answering their phones too.Suddennly..pooof,the show ended!

Damn,have to wait for so many months for the 6th season.I hope its Brooke.Although this season was all about Peyton vs Lindsey for Lucas...Lucas has been really great in helping Brooke with Angie & he did say that he love Brooke to her,but I thought it was more of like a friend thing.I am amaze that Chad Micheal & Sophia Bush are able to work together and have intimate scenes together when in real life they're a divorce couple.That's really professional of them!I am proud that one of the writers on OTH is a Malaysian!!!woohooo!

James Lafferty!!!!Be still my beating heart..hahaha

One Tree Hill's season's finale was intriguing unlike Gossip Girl's finale.But I guess this is GG'S 1st season and maybe because I have been a reader of Gossip Girl series when I was 14,I was expecting something better.I have to say that the book are scandalous than the tv series itself.I was also surprise when Georgina entered the show because she wasn't one of their friends because in the book,Nate met her in rehab(yes,ironically,in the series,Nate's dad was the one whos in rehab while in the book,Nate was the one who got caught buying weed and he is such a stoner in the book).

He is so damn gorgeous!Carrie Underwood is a lucky girl(when they used to date laaa)...hehehe

Georgina became Nate's girlfriend while he's in rehab and his friends met her on their ski trip.But atleast the show picked the right actress to play Georgina because the description of her in the book was someone who looked like Snow White--really pale skin & black hair.Although I'm still piss that Jenny is nothing like she is in the book.Jenny is suppose to be brunette,have no sense of fashion,have humongous boobs(which she is mock for in the book series) and is a great artist ( as in painting).Oh,and Vanessa doesn't look anything like what she is describe in the book.Neither is Chuck,Rufus and Dan(isn't he suppose to be a great poet like in the book?).

The finale was okay.Dan is such a bonehead!But I guess it just wasn't meant to be for him and Serena because sooner or later he will have to end up with Vanessa.Thank God Vanessa and Nate is ewww...she is soo wrong for him!Nate should be with Blair but I guess she'll end up with Chuck provided that he discard his penis mentality...hahaha.But looks like it'll be a long time before he's able to commit to only 1 girl..

Maybe Blair will end up with that Marketing guy...he has such a beautiful head of hair..hehe.And Lydia Hearst,a true NY Upper East Side heiress guest starred as the decorator whom Chuck wasted no time in wooing..ewww...That's so low of him!Just when Chuck was starting to grow on me,he turn into his old self again...haih...I love Blair's dress at the wedding,she wore pink everything from her shoes to the flower to the clutch(or was it a small of handbaf..I didn't remember).Serena's gloves was so wrong..haha.

Here I put a little time line on who dated/hooked up with whom in GG's book series

1.NATE+Blair+Jenny+Georgina+Blair+Serena=In the season finale we see that Nate will probably spend his summer with Serena...maybe they finally will follow the book somewhat?

2.BLAIR+Nate+Miles+Erik(in d' book,he's Serena's OLDER brother,not YOUNGER)+Nate+Lord Marcus

3.SERENA+Dan(for like a week?)+Aaron(Blair's stepbrother)+Nate


5.DAN+Serena+Mystery(yup..tats d name of dis chick)+Vanessa

Oh yeah,Chuck who at first was all Lothario,and after a few books,he became so gay!hahaha