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Sunday, May 04, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Friday I had no test whatsoever came back home and slept till 6 something..ahahaha....Woke up,then had to go to Subang for dinner with my 3 cousins, Kak Hani,Syazni & Adila...My aunt gave us money for our dinner..Yeay...free food!!!Ate at Darul Salam..had dim sums,pattaya fried rice & abc..burrpppp...Kak Hani was suppose to tutor Afiq and that was why we went to have dinner all the way in Subang but lo & behold he forgot to bring his calc..adoiiiisss

Then waited for Syaz's bandmate because they don't know the way to LabRatJamStudio...
Manage to YM with some crazy peeps(aka Acad,Moja & Freaky!) while waiting for them to sampai...Thank God for Wifi & Kak Hani's lappy...^_^.Syaz's bandmate came & off we go.All of them are boys..As I was driving,Syaz who ride in the boys car,text her sis saying that the guys asked me to slow down cos I was driving too fast...hahaha.No way!!But I did waited for em awhile beside the roadside after the tol..hehehe slowpokes!

Had a tough time finding the studio because they say it's near Rafi 13 and like,hello,cakaplah ada 2 Rafi kat 13 kan???Citt

After the jamming session,I was deaf for awhile..But I got to say this,not just because Syaz's is my cousin,but Imaginary Frens is pretty good & their demo will come out soon..Good luck to you cuz!!!

Went back home to Puncak on Saturday evening and started to bake an enormous batch(4 times the recipe) of my famous(among my family & friends) chocolate chip cookies!!!!!hehehe.Because I always believe that when you cook,you can pour your feelings into it and the people who will taste it can feel it too..Like if you cook while you're angry,it will not turn out good but when you cook it with love...it will taste so yummy!!I guess that is why the movie Simply Irresisstible is one of my favorite movie(thanks for my uncle who manage to buy the ori dvd for me cos' it's NOT available in M'sia..haihhh).

Plus,I can't give hugs and kisses to every Tom,Dick & Harry,cos' some people are uncomfortable with it..so by giving out cookies to my male & female friends..I'm spreading my love to them(God knows I have so much love to give & no one in particular to give it too..though I know WHO I want to give it to,but his life is so complicated.. )using MY way...^_^

The Ingredients....

Hershey's semi-sweet choc chips(my mum manage to eat a couple of this before I banish her to her room..hahahaha)

Ta--daahh!The chocolate chip cookie dough!

Ready to be given to my loved ones!!!!

A tribute to Acad..wei..aq buat maggi goreng sendri!!!sedapppp..^_^


Acad said...

Where is ur overwhelming love of chocolate chip cookies..
nk rase gak..!!!huhu
n maggi goreng 2 looks so different..haha

Tatie said...

saye dah dapat cookies itu~
sangat sedap~
thnx li!
sayang kamUHhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Liyana said...

acad,nanti rase time picnic eks???
tuh food yg aq wat sendri..korg bwk aper nanti???hahahaha
maggi goreng tuh aq ltk byk cili...sedap tuh color begitu...

Hehehe..Tatie,syg kamu jugaaa

Anonymous said...

thnx for the cookies liyana-chan!!!