Saturday, May 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Memories exist for a reason...

Some of my memories are very beautiful while some of them are too painful to remember.

Last night I was thinking of getting rid of some stuff so that I won't be reminded of the memories with the person that those things are associated with.But as I went through the things,I smiled.It reminded me that I was happy at that time.That all the hurt that I felt after was just a rite of passage.Maybe all that hurt will prepare me for the love that awaits me. As I quote from Montaigne,"Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it".Although I try to forget some of my memories, I know that I am fighting a losing battle.I'll probably never forget because the memories are embedded in my cerebral cortex.

Sometimes it amazes me the capacity of one person to remember so many things.I still remember who my childhood friends were when I was 10.Nuqman,Muhaimin,Munawir and Arsalan.My playground budddies who included my younger brother.The fun times that we had being silly every petang at the playground of Seksyen 11 or going to Pusat Akuatik when it first opened and having football/netball face off with them.I have no idea where all of them are now.Because when I turn 12 my mum forbade me to play with the boys anymore since they are much older than me..and then each one of us move away from our homes,starting with Nuqman and then my family move to Seremban although my grandparents continue to live in the house until now.I did move back when I was 15 but no one was there anymore.Form 4, my family move back to Seremban..yeah we move a lot!Out of my 5 years of high school,I have been to 4 different schools.But now I am back in Shah Alam,the place that I was born and bred, for good.Although I definitely know what Arsalan has become.. seeing him staring as Bernice Chauly's boyfriend in Gol & Gincu and all those adverts...he definitely has come a long way since back when I used to ponteng puasa with him.hahaha.

Memories to me,reminded me a time when I was happy,sad,scared,hurt and so many other feelings.It's there in my mind for a reason.So that perhaps,I will be more cautious ,or to say to myself that I am getting stronger and wiser.That although the people that we created the memories with has left us, we still have the memories to remember them by.

The painful memories of the past will shape our future; the moments we cherish last forever in a beautiful array of remembrance.-Paul Acquasanta-